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Don heads off in search of Mr. Tumnus and some Turkish Delights.


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Maria Fulton's picture

Yes, I'm late to this, but it made my day when I found it! I am a huge fan of Narnia (the books, not really the movies) AND SNC!! :D Two of the best things in the world, in my opinion....

Nadda's picture

@ToriCanuck Don's been polishing his wardrobe in hopes of a picture like this!

AllieUSaid's picture

just make sure not to get involved with the white witch

Marcaich's picture

And who has the key to the Armour? and did they lock Don inside??? :-0

ToriCanuck's picture

Too funny!! I hope he made it back in time for the concert.
That's one shiny wardrobe!

Michelle Z.'s picture

I don't know what's better: Don's face (it looks like his eyes are, the impressive collection of White Shirts you all have, the Massive-ness of the Armour, or the fact that the fire sprinkler is pointed right at Don?! :) Nice.

DottieK's picture

This made me laugh out loud. Awesome.

Amanda_5's picture

Just make sure he can get back through the wardrobe!

EileenR's picture

Beware the "nice" lady in the sleigh, Don!

SingForMe's picture

Looks like he already hit the Turkish Delights :D


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