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Straight No Chaser on FOX Morning News in Indianapolis this morning!

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  • Dec 04, 2009
    Straight No Chaser on FOX Morning News in Indianapolis this morning!


    -The WebCrew

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on 4 December 2009 - 11:13am


-The WebCrew


Magess's picture

I have been spreading the word about your music to anyone who will listen. You are all amazingly talented. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to see a concert someday. May you do this as long as you continue to love it.
iatch's picture

Hi guys! I have been watching your performances on PBS. They are wonderful! I missed the part where you sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas", so I went to Youtube to see it. That was GREAT! And "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was, too! I showed the clips to my daughter, 4 yrs. old, and she just said, "Do it again! Do it again!"
Susan_29's picture

Awesome, just got home from our work Christmas party and found my QVC order on the counter, can't wait to open it. I asked the DJ to play the CD throughout the party and everyone loved it. Can't wait for Sunday night in Royal Oak.
BooBoo_2's picture

Hey SNC!!! Good to see the video and each time I see it I still smile (I've only seen it 3 times this morning!). You guys look like your have so much fun. Keep having fun! I certainly have a lot of fun hearing and watching you!
Lena Esho's picture

AWESOME! See you guys in Royal Oak!!!
Kathy Ahlwardt's picture

WOW!! Great job guys!!! Your show last night in Louisville was AWESOME!!! Can't wait for the show in Indy!! Get ready for a very warm reception!! This is your "home turf" and I'm sure it will be like a big family reunion!! See you tomorrow!!
Lauren_8's picture

Thanks for posting that. Wonderful performance-especially considering how early you must have been up and performing!!
Diana L.'s picture

never gets old - thanks for letting us share...have been sending prayers as per Ryan's request this week.
MOSue's picture

Excellent as always, guys! Ordered your new CD-ready to listen! Have a great time in STL! I'll be watching on PBS!
Shaina's picture

Hmmm... I guess I'm gonna have to watch this after my Government class... :D
S. Brandon's picture

Thanks for posting. You guys must be sick of that song by now, but I love it every time.