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Tainted Love

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on 31 May 2010 - 8:00pm
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Tainted Love

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Tout vient avec une étiquette de prix de mode de nos jours, et je dirais que les sacs Prada réplique sont une vraie représentation de celui-ci. Je ne poursuis mon niveau en arrière, si je peux dire, c'est fini Prada. Maintenant, je me permets de revenir salle familiale, salle familiale pour faire impression pour moi en mettant une couleur noir l'ensemble de sac et la marque rayures rouges et vertes. Sur le bas du dos Kick the bucket deux F Logo de l'entreprise de bijoux de style Cartier est également inclus, mais profondément gravé dans ma poche.

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Love it, Love it ....just Love it! I am in lve with Mike and Rome at the same time! I go to sleep everynite with your versions of music...craxy I know, but you all are that GOOD!

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Just saw you guys in Pittsburgh tonight! You were a gift to my mom for Christmas and wanted to thank you for such an amazing night! You were phenomenal and thank you for BOTH of the encores! Happy Holidays and Congrats on your success!

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I absolutely love this video. You need to do more videos like this as it is thoroughly entertaining. I have become obsessed with your music - please keep it coming!!!! You guys are fantastic!!

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In mad, crazy love. (shhh don't tell my husband!) ;)

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Love this video. Great job SNC. You make it look like so much fun.

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You guys are fantastic! :D

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What Cindy said.

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Love the video. I like your version to this song best.


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