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    Hello SNC Land! We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

    All The Best,
    The WebCrew

    Started By WebCrew 1 reply Category : Feedback And Suggestions
  • Last Reply: 3 days 22 hours ago

    Does anyone know if meet and greet tickets are available and if so how to obtain them?

    Started By jfl232 2 replies Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 2 weeks 1 day ago

    November 9th, 2014 and Straight No Chaser (not surprisingly) absolutely rocked Rockford, Illinois. So many wonderful surprises. So many standard expectations. But yes, two disappointments. We’ll get to the disappointments later.

    Any Chaser can tell you many more wonderful stories about SNC concerts than I can, but I have to tell you, this being my third concert (in addition to watching hundreds of videos on YouTube) this may be the best concert they’ve ever given.

    SNC is currently crossing the country on their Happy Hour Tour.

    Started By Rich Bentel 2 replies Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 2 weeks 1 day ago

    I have been listening to the guys since around 2009 and have always loved their music. Due to health reasons (had to learn to walk again minor things lol)I was never able to go to a concert. I have been singing since I was 5 and used their music singing along with them in my house to help push me in getting back out and singing again.

    Last night in Rockford, IL I finally got to see my first concert and it was SOOOOOOO worth the wait. Loved the fact they did the M&G after the concert.

    Started By John A 3 replies Category : Concerts&Tours