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    A "Randy Love Thread" got started in one of the other discussions, so I thought I'd make it a whole separate topic.  Chasers, please discuss your love for Randy.  I'll begin by saying probably none of us would be congregating here if it weren't for him (=BLAME RANDY).  That and he needs more solos.  Way, way more solos.  Okay, now your turn.



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    Tale From The Happy Hour Tour #1

    While waiting in the M&G line, this happened.

    (I apologize in advance if I'm not using the current PC language) A rabid Special Needs fan gets to the front of the line to start talking with Walt and all of a sudden breaks out (in this AMAZING deep voice) into the Straight No Chaser Theme Song ("... so I got my buddies together....the ones I knew could sing...."). He doesn't do just a line or two, he CRUSHES the entire song. The crowd started clapping to the beat, big smiles all around. What do the guys do? Aside from smiling? Sing back up of course!!


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    Just found out can't go, totally forgot about it, will be out of town.
    Row L, original cost

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