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  • Last Reply: 3 days 11 hours ago

    Well...April is just around the corner, so that means it's time for a Charlie Love Thread!  Time to discuss all the things we love about this bass extraordinaire: 

    His genius comedic timing...

    His glorious rich, chocolate-covered cello voice...

    His warm, friendly personality...

    Please feel free to add to this list of all the wonderful things Charlie Mechling brings to Straight No Chaser!

    Started By AngieTheCanuck 264 replies Category : The Band Members
  • Last Reply: 4 days 14 hours ago

    You guys are AWESOME!! My girlfriend and I would love to see a live show, but, there are no shows in VIRGINIA!!!! We live in VA Beach, and there are tons of places to put a show on, but it seems you all don't travel down here, or even in to Philadelphia which is close to my parents... So, please expand your show locations!!!

    A FAN

    Started By Sir Itchy 5 replies Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 4 days 14 hours ago

    Guys, everything you are doing is on the east coast or up in Canada. When are you going to head west to Denver?

    Last time I saw the group was in Ohio and it was awesome!

    Started By RaymondG 1 reply Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 5 days 18 hours ago

    Are there any Chasers planning on going to the concert in Joliet, IL on May 8th?

    I already have my ticket and CANNOT wait!

    Started By Rich Bentel 1 reply Category : Concerts&Tours