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Burlington VT - Fall Tour Opener

wonderlady71's picture
on October 22, 2012 - 9:17pm
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OK who's coming?? I can't be the only Chaser in VT:) Very excited to see the guys again, and so soon after the cruise (helps with the shakes!) Happily bringing 10 first-timers with me on Wed!!

BritishChaser's picture

:-) You'll all have a great time. My friend will be rejoining me in Westbury as well. Her bank account is cursing me for introducing her to SNC lol!

wonderlady71's picture

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGUS I am so happy:) Cannot wait to see you again!!!!!

Chaos - my very 1st show was up in Montreal;)

Angus's picture

Well, things somehow fell into place here and I can skip out of work for the afternoon, so it looks like I'll pop down and see the show.

I'll probably regret it Thursday at work!

BritishChaser's picture

A dear friend of mine and her mother are travelling from Montreal for this show :-) I have to wait till LA for my 'tour' to start!

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