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  • Here are the highlights from the 11/17/15 edition of SNC Tell-All-Tuesday, hosted by Steve Morgan via Twitter:

    Fan: How's the tour going?
    Steve: Tour is going great! Hard to believe this is our last week before we take a few days for Thanksgiving. Time flies!

    Fan: Can I ask you a cheeky question about "Take Me to Church"? Is Don screaming Amens in your ears?
    Steve: I am sure he is loudest in the house at that time! He rocks that song, but we can always control the volume in our ears.
    Fan: I'm amused by how often u guys fiddle w/ your ear pieces during Church. Especially I'm curious...
    Steve: Seggie is doing the rhythm on that, so I couldn't tell you. I fiddle with mine as I go between high and low.

    Fan: Walt said some songs don’t make the album because of publishing rights. There are CD songs you don’t perform live, yes?
    Steve: A few, but not many! And not doing them now doesn't mean we won't later. We are just doing a ton off the new album now.

    Fan: I'd like to see “Only You” live!
    Steve: I've never even seen the music to that one! Could be a neat bring back.

    Fan: Who struggles the most to remember the choreography?
    Steve: Different songs, different problems. Sometimes the part we sing doesn't go with the words/steps, so that can be tricky.

    Fan: Someone said Mike is most guilty of getting the giggles mid song. Is that true?
    Steve: He is probably the biggest culprit, but not the only one.

    Fan: Who gets angry the quickest and who never gets angry?
    Steve: Pleading the 5th!

    Fan: Any plans to do French songs when you head to Paris? I'd like to hear Comment te dire adieu in a cappella!
    Steve: We are looking for the right song now. I will check that one out!

    Fan: Does any member of SNC speak French? Or any other language?
    Steve: Don and I speak German. Seggie and Jerome dabble in French, I think, but we could all use some lessons!

    Fan: Never mind France. The important question tonight is...when are you guys coming to Asia? A continent awaits.
    Steve: Nobody wants that more than us! We want to get there and are working on it!

    Fan: Is there any particular science behind the order of tracks on an album?
    Steve: There are certain songs that fit naturally in slots, then the rest of them fall into place with tempo, etc.
    Fan: Do you decide that as a group, or does the label plan that out?
    Steve: We decide that as a group (with a lot of help from Steve Lunt), and then Atlantic signs off.

    Fan: Do you put the song you think will be your most popular as the first track? Or where?
    Steve: First song needs to be up-tempo, catchy, and it doesn't hurt to be current. Marvin was natural choice. Sara B doing MJ last time.

    Fan: Be honest.... did "Let It Go" make it onto the album only because other songs didn't get approved?
    Steve: Had the others been approved, I don't know that we would have had room, but it was nice to be able to put all the singles together.

    Fan: Any upcoming holiday TV. spots you can tell us about?
    Steve: We will be on the Today show on Monday, Dec. 7th, plus other media outlets that day. More news to come soon!

    Fan: What is your favorite part of being on tour? Do you have any pre-show rituals?
    Steve: That's easy- being on stage! If performing isn't the best part of the day, then I am doing the wrong thing.

    Fan: Someone recently mentioned on the SNC FB page that SNC should cover The Fugee's "Killing Me Softly" I agree! Thoughts?
    Steve: Seggie was kicking around some thoughts on that tune- we'll see what comes of it.

    Fan: Any plans in the future to visit the UK again?
    Steve: Oh yeah- tickets going on sale soon!
    Fan: Favorite answer so far today! What about other parts of Europe (apart from Paris)?
    Steve: All coming soon! I promise!

    Fan: With the birth of the baby coming soon, do we know approx when Jerome will return to the tour?
    Steve: Unless you have a crystal ball, we don't know when that will happen! Just waiting to see how things play out.
    Fan: Is he planning on returning before Christmas or after? I'm wondering if he will take 1 week, 2 weeks, etc.
    Steve: I will let Jerome answer those questions, but he almost certainly won't take more than a week.

    Fan: Which song on the album was the most fun to record? My guess would be "Proud Mary."
    Steve: Ask 10 guys, get 10 answers! My personal favorite was Welcome to the Jungle, although we sadly can't share that one.

    Fan: Will there be any new holiday songs added to the set list?
    Steve: Funny you should ask- we are discussing that right now! Anything you want to hear in particular?

    Fan: It's not new but I think "Indiana Christmas" should be a staple. What about "Who Spiked the Eggnog"?
    Steve: We do IN Christmas in Indiana every year- guessing you live elsewhere!
    Fan: yes! Who Spiked the Eggnog definitely! I know it's a Ryan tune, but he wouldn't mind, would he?
    Steve: Absolutely not! We just have to figure out what fits where each year- it's a tricky puzzle!
    Ryan: That tune was last performed live in Bartlesville, OK circa Dec. '10(?), I think. Might need a rewrite!

    Fan: How often are new song/mash-up ideas taken into consideration from fans?
    Steve: Quite often! Some Nights (opener for the 2012 fall tour) was totally a fan suggestion that Tyler fleshed out.

    Fan: Say, when it comes to how many days you tour vs. how many days you have off, how much control does the group have over that?
    Steve: Lot of that is routing, but in the fall, we want to take our show everywhere we can! Days off are fine & necessary, but not too many.
    Fan: I know that will make some fans feel a lot better. We don't want to think that someone is forcing you to be away from home!
    Steve: Oh no, we have lots of say in the matter! We love to take our show everywhere we can.

    Fan: What happened to Seggie’s behind the scenes video? Was that a casualty of the failure to get permissions?
    Steve: Yeah, we kinda picked the wrong song to do that on. I'll check with Seggie to see what he has.
    Fan: Aww, that sucks!
    Steve: Agreed. But we don't want to be sued, man!

    Fan: What is the hardest song to sing live? Most technically difficult?
    Steve: Hallelujah or Copa Medley? Depends on the dissonance involved, the tessitura of the part, and the intervals each part sings.
    Fan: Sorry I don't understand, what is "tessitura?"
    Steve: Refers to a where a song sits in a person's voice. A song that sits at the top of one's range is, naturally, harder to sing.

    Fan: Are your kids musical?
    Steve: Yes, both are. Wasn't sure about my son for a while; turns out he just didn't care enough to sing on pitch. And now he does.

    Fan: When you come up with a new song on the road, do you figure out choreo yourself or do you refer to Jill?
    Steve: I often put in a call to Jill and we come up with something together. Having worked together for 3 years now, we have a short hand.

    Fan: apart from performing live, what is the best part of touring?
    Steve: Meeting fans. We have the best in the world!

    Fan: Which was the hardest song on the new album to learn?
    Steve: Would be Jungle or Uptown. Otherwise, I would say maybe Creep. Lots going on in that one.

    Fan: If SNC could share a show with any other musical act, who would be the one you most want to choose?
    Steve: Again, 10 guys, 10 answers. For me, I would love to share the stage with Harry Connick Jr. Just waiting on the call!

    Fan: Any chance of doing a behind the scenes video and showing us what the inside of your tour buses look like? I'm curious.
    Steve: Don was just talking about doing that- I will task him with doing that!

    Fan: Are the suits washable?
    Steve: We dry clean once a week with Febreze in between! It does make it tricky when we split pants. I spent ATL intermission sewing!

    Fan: Do you have a charity or non-profit that you personally like to support?
    Steve: My uncle had muscular dystrophy, so I am a long time supporter of MDA. Also like the work of Best Buddies and World Vision.

    Fan: I had never heard "Red" before listening to the New Old Fashioned. Who brought that song idea to the group?
    Steve: That was one the guys first heard overseas in 2009. Became a favorite of many of them.

    Fan: Do you guys travel with workout equipment, or do you rely on running/finding a local gym?
    Steve: We have some equipment, but I am a gym rat, so I find someplace local- majority do this. Other guys are ardent runners.

    Fan: Now that winters approaching, what go to items are a must for you guys?
    Steve: After this week in FL, it will be coats and comfy sweaters/hoodies all the time. And there will be more than a few holiday songs!

    Fan: What do the 5 (+) of you on your bus do to occupy your time on those long bus rides between faraway venues?
    Steve: Watch movies, read books, talk to family and friends, eat, and maybe play Euchre. We mainly sleep during the drives, though.

    Fan: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
    Steve: Normally, I have a hot tea at about 45 minutes to curtain and then vocalize. Sing through a couple of solos and I'm ready to go!

    Fan: Have you ever been denied permission to cover a song besides the Beatles one in your show right now?
    Steve: Yes, 4 total on this album; a couple of others in the past.

    Fan: Why isn't "Indiana Christmas" on Spotify?
    Steve: I didn't realize it wasn't. This is a travesty!

    Fan: Is it true that Don is now your lighting designer/engineer? I wasn't sure if the group member who told me that was joking.
    Steve: Definitely not the case. We have a professional who does a great job.

    Fan: Any good books to recommend?
    Steve: Just read “The Boys in the Boat.” Enjoyed that one. If you liked “Unbreakable” by Hillenbrand, it might be for you.

    Fan: How many sets of suits do you take on tour?
    Steve: This year, proud to announce we have 2!

    Fan: Do you go to local restaurants for meals or mostly rely on preshow catering at the venues?
    Steve: Generally preshow catering. But we sometimes get out for "can't miss" type local fare.

    Fan: Is it difficult to come up close to the edge of the emotional cliff when singing "I Play the Road" to convey the emotion of the song without falling off? Does anyone tear up when singing that one? Does it make you sad to sing, or is it cathartic?
    Steve: Treat it like another song. Always has to be a balance between emotional connection and performance. Show is for audience. Internalized performances and conflict work better on camera than on stage.

    Fan: Anything usual on SNC’s tour rider? Any specific requests?
    Steve: Only thing weird is that we eat healthy meals and then get Twizzlers and M&Ms. Chips and salsa are a necessity, though.
    Fan: Your rider must include many, many different and diverse items to satisfy all 10 guys. Must be very long.
    Steve: Not really. We don't try to be difficult, and as long as we have nutritious meals to keep us healthy, that's the main thing.

    Fan: Which arrangement of "Silent Night" do you prefer? The one on Holiday Spirits, or the one performed in college at the MAC?
    Steve: Holiday Spirits is our arrangement versus a lift of Boyz II Men, so I prefer ours.

    Fan: any new Christmas songs in the works? Seems like there's a new one every season.
    Steve: We have something in the works. Not sure of the roll out, so I don't want to spoil it... more than I just did!

    Fan: Can you do "Donde Esta Santa Clause" this year?
    Steve: I have never sung it! We'll have to see how the holiday set shapes up...

    Fan: What kind of donuts do you like from Dunkin Donuts?
    Steve: Aargh! My kryptonite is a custard filled donut. But the guys are all across the board- if you make them, we will eat!

    Fan: Have all the spring dates been announced (U.S)? Just curious...
    Steve: I think the last few just were. Will have to check on that...

    Fan: Any chance the other songs that did not make the CD will show up in a live show, like Uptown Funk/Thriller did?
    Steve: Definitely. We just don't have room for all of them right now!

    Fan: I would love to see a 3 or 4 hour SNC show. That way ALL the great songs will make the set list. Be very hard on your voices?
    Steve: You might not like the way that show would sound towards the end! 90 minutes of almost constant singing is already demanding!

    Fan: What is your favorite food to eat while on tour?
    Steve: Most nights when we don't have catering I find some Asian cuisine: Thai, Chinese, Indian. I love the big flavors.

    Fan: Do you have a timescale for returning to tour UK?
    Steve: More dates to be announced soon! Stay tuned!
    Fan: You're a big tease Steve. Thought this was tell-all Tuesday!
    Steve: I don't want to tell you something that doesn't turn out to be accurate. We will spread the news ASAP with all details.
    Fan: You will totally ruin my Christmas if you don't announce any UK dates. So no pressure or anything.
    Steve: Your holidays should be fine...

    Fan: I made you guys some scarves, I would like to make you all some more but with your favorite colors, or hats. Thoughts?
    Steve: You are incredibly kind to think of us. I will get you favorite colors for all the guys.

    Fan: Any idea on when the next summit will be?
    Steve: We've been getting a lot of questions about that lately. We have some ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

    Fan: What's playing on everyone's iPods these days?
    Steve: Fewer iPods these days, more Pandora, I would guess. I hear 80s rock, country, R&B, Top 40, indie, etc.

    Fan: What song or artist do you personally have on repeat lately?
    Steve: I am enjoying Harry Connick, Jr.'s new album. Other than that, been listening all over the board for new songs for us to sing!

    Fan: What is your favorite part of your family's Thanksgiving meal? Do you help with any of the cooking?
    Steve: I do as much of the cooking as possible. I love to make my grandma's sweet potato casserole and a chocolate bourbon pecan pie.
    Fan: Would you share the chocolate bourbon pecan pie recipe? Or is it a family secret? It sounds delicious!!
    Steve: I found it online once upon a time, so no family secret. I can share once I get home next week!

    Fan: I'm at a loss as to why Atlantic doesn't promote you guys more mainstream? Red and Lost could be a hit.
    Steve: I appreciate the thoughts. We are always up for more air time, radio or otherwise!

    Fan: Why won't Atlantic allow more SNC-wriitten originals to be on your CDs? You guys are such talented songwriters.
    Steve: That is just on us. Originals are hard! We write some, and the best ones make albums and shows.
    Fan: I've felt a few of the songs on Mike's and Ryan's CD were mainstream hit worthy.
    Steve: I agree. Always thought that CD was artistic and commercially viable.

    Fan: How often do you have performances where there's nobody in the audience you know?
    Steve: These days, not too many! We have played some new markets recently, so we might not have Chasers there... yet!

    Fan: Does the tour bus have a nickname, or is it just referred to as the bus?
    Steve: I think Korby named ours Grodin, but the reasoning is from a time before me, so I'm not in on the rationale.

    Fan: Do you enjoy life on the road touring?
    Steve: I do. Performing is what I love to do, and especially during the fall tour, we do a LOT of it. Time away can be hard, but we're lucky.

    Fan: I know most of the guys are big sports fans. Are there any hockey fans in the group?
    Steve: Seggie and Walt. I think they are the only ones.

    Fan: Are you guys ever able to enjoy beautiful nights out under the stars with a fire while on tour like it is in Ohio today?
    Steve: We just saw a beautiful night yesterday here in FL. But I do miss fires with friends in my backyard!

    Fan: The coffee roasted for SNC is really good! Need a K-Cup version. Who drinks the most coffee?
    Steve: Jerome and I are the only non-coffee drinkers. Everyone else can really put it down, especially Seggie. Glad you liked our blend!

    Fan: What did Lily think of her 1st 5K?
    Steve: She felt very cool and VERY tired. But she made it the whole way! My wife wrote a great blog about it.

    All the Best,

  • Hi SNC! Thanks for putting on such an incredible performance at McFarlin Aud in Dallas, Saturday night! Y'all definitely ROCKED that place! Been listening to "New Old Fashioned" constantly ever since pretty much.

    I sing with a men's a cappella chorus in the Dallas area called "The Vocal Majority." It would be great if we could obtain arrangements of "Who Spiked The Egg Nog" and "Hey Santa" to be sung on our Christmas shows. Please contact me personally with that information:


    Beatnik Mike

    All the Best,
    Beatnik Mike

  • Hi guys! Just my opinion - I find it weird that the site automatically signs each post with "All the Best." I figure if I want to sign it that way, I will, but if I want to sign it a different way, then I'll end up with what I want to say, and then "All the Best."

    All the Best,

  • Does anyone have an arrangement of SNC's Get ready???
    It would help alot for my schoo's barbershop group
    thanks a bundle in advance!
    -Robin J

    All the Best,

  • Hello fellow music fans! I am in desperate need of the sheet music to the twelodays of Chrisas. Real desperate need now. Ive posted here once before but nobody was able to help me. Please, your help would be deeply deeply appreciated! Cheers, Dave

    All the Best,
    David Hutchings


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