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    Tickets Available for SNC in Minneapolis, 6/9/10!! Started by acapperra13

    Hello SNC community! 

    I have five tickets that I bought for my family to go to the SNC show in Minneapolis, but now they can't go!  If you, or anyone you know, would like to buy them from me (sans the Ticketmaster fee) for $35 each, shoot me an e-mail at... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 4 Last Reply: 6 years 8 months ago

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    Pictures from Bloomington Started by Dottie

    For anyone interested in seeing part of the IU campus & downtown Bloomington, IN, I have some pictures videos to share.

    My facebook albums:

    Short goofy video... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 8 Last Reply: 5 years 7 months ago

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    Me and Shaina Started by Jelly

    are next to each other at school both on our twin laptops o!!!!! watching tem on FOX !! :D

    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 8 Last Reply: 7 years 1 month ago
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    Their Fine Shiny Suits Started by kayzie

    I think I heard that the guys might be retiring their fine, shiny suits after the Canadian Tour.  My question, will the put them aside to use again in the future or should they auction them off as wonerful souvenirs?  Just a thought.  Any thoughts?

    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 12 Last Reply: 5 years 10 months ago
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    SNCQnotes Quickfire Q&A (part Deux!) Started by Marcaich

    Ok loyal Chaser friends and family (and SNC gang, if you are reading this)!  Here we are with the next exciting round of the Quickfire Q&A for the next edition of SNCQuarternotes!!!!!!  Are you ready?  as always DO NOT post your answers here.  please email them to ... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 13 Last Reply: 5 years 2 weeks ago

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    B-More Show Was Awesome Started by Brendan

    Alrighty, so being a guy and going to see a bunch of guys is weird. Ok really weird, but who cares, I reasoned that there was or would be tons of women there so I felt better, great show. Kary sold me her extra tickets and the seat was awesome. I am looking into going to Reading for New Years.... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 20 Last Reply: 6 years 2 months ago

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    Individual profiles and what does certain things mean? Started by DanaEbstein

    Does anyone know what "Flag Member" means when

    Looking at individual profiles? How do you become a "Flag Member"? Just wondering :) 

    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 6 Last Reply: 5 years 1 month ago
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    Heard you on the radio! Started by Kristin

    I was so excited to hear your 12 Days of Christmas on the radio this morning.... hope this means we'll be hearing lots of SNC holiday music across the air waves this holiday season!!

    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 15 Last Reply: 6 years 1 month ago
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    Chaserville - Population - US! Started by Gina

    I didn't realize how large Chaserville really is until I found another Chaser on Facebook. (I haven't even friended everyone I've "talked" to from here!) It got me to thinkin'..... how did everyone get here?

    For me... um......

    I believe I was... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 34 Last Reply: 5 years 5 months ago

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    New FB photo Started by S Brandon

    If any of you haven't been by the "Get Straight No Chaser on Ellen" FB group page lately, you'll want to head over there ASAP and check out the new photo.  

    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 2 Last Reply: 6 years 10 months ago
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    What April Fools jokes did you pull this year or had someone... Started by Alice

    I've actually hadn't had a joke pulled on me. One care partner at work had tried to pull jokes the moment midnight of April 1 hit. He kept telling other CPs or other nurses that the charge nurse was looking for them with certain issues she needs to discuss with them. So he pulled them to the... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 8 Last Reply: 5 years 9 months ago

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    Personal Goal Started by laura

    So...not sure i need to let the whole world know my business, but oh well.

    i have set a personal goal that needs to be met by June 2011.  IF said goal is reached, i am going to reward myself with a weekend with my fellow Chasers at Harrah's.  It was the only thing i could think of that... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 71 Last Reply: 5 years 9 months ago

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    Shana Tova (Happy Rosh Hashanah) Started by Lauren

    Happy Rosh Hashanah to anyone who celebrates!!


    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 1 Last Reply: 5 years 3 months ago
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    Shaina's youtube video on how she made the journal she gave... Started by Susan

    You really have to see this video of how Shaina made the journal she gave the guys last fall.  This is a true example of how this group has brought out the creativeness of their fans.  I can see Shaina going places and am looking forward to seeing more of her talents as well.  Please see... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 10 Last Reply: 6 years 7 months ago

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    Things to do in Chicago Started by luvSNCVA

    I will be in Chicago for the NEA convention Fourth of July week.  I will have a little bit of free time and this is the first time I have been there.  I was hoping that some Chicago Chasers could tell me the "must see" places in Chicago.  Thanks!


    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 9 Last Reply: 5 years 6 months ago


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  • In all of the YouTube videos I've seen, people are dressed up. Is there a particular dress code for the shows? Also, do the guys do meet and greets after the shows?

    All the Best,
    Beka H

  • So I'm headed to the November 21 show at the Straz Center in Tampa with my girlfriend. It's our first SNC event and, though this has been asked before, I can't find the answer I need. What is the general level of dress? I feel like jeans are too casual, but I'm not sure if a suit is overkill, but that's the way I'm leaning. Any advice?

    All the Best,

  • Hello. Can someone tell me how/where I go to join the SNC fan club?

    All the Best,

  • Hey Chasers,

    So,Jerome is getting married this weekend! What does everyone think of this wedding virus sweeping thru SNC? HaHa! I figure Tyler is the only one left??? or is he?

    All the Best,

  • This new bow tie picture popped up and took all possible space of my computer screen. Can these guys possible get any hotter? I think not (Did I just say that?) Looking forward to this years shows.

    All the Best,


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