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    Tony Awards Started by Hilary W

    My daughter & I are planning an 18th birthday/high school grad trip to NYC in July - a theatre binge!  We've been crafting a shortlist/wishlist of shows.....after last night's Tony Awards, our shortlist got a whole lot longer.  So much music, so little time.....

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    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Started by Penny Brannon

    I'll be away for the holidays, not by a computer.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday.  The best gift I had was seeing SNC at the Murat.  It was wonderful.  I hope everyone's dreams come true this holiday season! 

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    Reading Recommendations? Started by Djinnyeh

    Sorry if there is already a thread for this, eh? (notice my Canuk accent there, eh?)

    Yesterday I picked up "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins - recommended by Walter Chase

    I quite enjoyed it and will be picking up the sequel later this week.  Yep, I read that quick! 

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    Power Ballads Started by Gina

    With this year drawing to an close and the endless possibilities of the upcoming year, here's hoping the guys bring back The Hair Band Medley with a twist perhaps? - The Power Ballad Medley. I really enjoy hearing all the musical genres these guys do, and more often than not, do better! So here... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 8 Last Reply: 5 years 7 months ago

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    SNC on Bing bus Started by Minda Ramsey

    Here is a link to their performance of the Christmas Can-Can on the Bing bus! Category: Anything Goes Replies: 7 Last Reply: 6 years 9 months ago

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    SNC is EVERYWHERE! Started by Paula

    My husband, son, and I decided to take a little road trip last weekend from Midwest City OK to Branson MO to do some Christmas shopping and eat at a favorite restaurant that we don't have in Oklahoma.  We left Friday evening and drove as far as Joplin MO.  We checked into our hotel to get... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 15 Last Reply: 6 years 9 months ago

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    Song Dedications on Chaserville Radio on SNCFM Started by Gina

    I recently purchased an Ipod for the sole purpose of putting SNC music on it just to be able to listen to them at work. Then I started thumbing though all of the other cd's I have.... it was a long trip down memory lane. I found some old favorites that have new meaning. Don't know if that... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 11 Last Reply: 6 years 3 weeks ago

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    The SNC Permasmile-No Cure in Sight!!! Started by Kathleen

    At first I thought it was merely a tempory symptom. I listened on youtube and felt the corners of my face lifting in a smile. Then I attended a concert in Lansdowne and the smile never left my face.  It continued throughout the concert and for several hours after. I was a bit worried, but a few... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 10 Last Reply: 7 years 4 months ago

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    Hi all Started by Kat

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and looking forward to chatting :)

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    Shaina should uplode allll her videos and pictures from Sunday... Started by Jelly

    This is mainly meant for Shaina to see but i think she sould put up all the videos from that amazing rehersal.... and/or send them to me ... pleeeeaaassseee Shaina? I'm sure Gaby would want you to also... :D

    What i love about Straight No Chaser and one of the greatest things about them... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 13 Last Reply: 7 years 9 months ago

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    New Blog...Question Started by manderrrr

    Hey guys,

    I wrote a new blog entry. Even if you don't read the whole thing, we've decided to try out a "question of the week." We thought it might be fun to make it a little interactive.


    *update 3.1.11: Get your answers in before we post a new one on... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 7 Last Reply: 6 years 6 months ago

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    Because of you, Straight No Chaser... Started by AngieTheCanuck

    Because of you, Straight No Chaser, I met 5 other women with whom I felt such an instant bond that we could be sisters. Category: Anything Goes Replies: 9 Last Reply: 5 years 10 months ago

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    Any other Chasers doing NaNoWriMo? Started by LovedeAcapella

    Hello out there!

    Anyone of the SNC fan variety doing NaNoWriMo? Some of us have already buddied up and are corresponding in the NaNo Soundtracks forum here:

    Don't know what... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 7 Last Reply: 6 years 10 months ago

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    Dottie Love Thread Started by Michelle

    Stemming off of an idea that got mentioned on Dottie's COTM discussion...if there's one fan/Chaser that deserves their own thread....It's Dottie!!

    Secret time: As someone who is going to their first show this fall, but hasn't gone yet, I still find it hard to be called or call myself a "... Category: Anything Goes Replies: 48 Last Reply: 5 years 6 months ago

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    dumbest movie you have ever seen Started by cindy

    Since we are all waiting for two things; the spring tour and the new release, thought this might be a fun discussion just to pass some time.

    My vote is for a movie call "Disaster Movie".  Can't believe anbody would want to be in this lol.

    Category: Anything Goes Replies: 46 Last Reply: 7 years 6 months ago


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  • In all of the YouTube videos I've seen, people are dressed up. Is there a particular dress code for the shows? Also, do the guys do meet and greets after the shows?

    All the Best,
    Beka H

  • So I'm headed to the November 21 show at the Straz Center in Tampa with my girlfriend. It's our first SNC event and, though this has been asked before, I can't find the answer I need. What is the general level of dress? I feel like jeans are too casual, but I'm not sure if a suit is overkill, but that's the way I'm leaning. Any advice?

    All the Best,

  • Hello. Can someone tell me how/where I go to join the SNC fan club?

    All the Best,

  • Hey Chasers,

    So,Jerome is getting married this weekend! What does everyone think of this wedding virus sweeping thru SNC? HaHa! I figure Tyler is the only one left??? or is he?

    All the Best,

  • This new bow tie picture popped up and took all possible space of my computer screen. Can these guys possible get any hotter? I think not (Did I just say that?) Looking forward to this years shows.

    All the Best,


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