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  • Last Reply: 2 years 12 months ago


     SNC Trivia Contest #2


    Since the first one went well, let’s try it again.


    Below are 10 questions about SNC. You can find the answers on, Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else online. Have fun searching and learning about the guys, and you could win DVDs of their concerts. TWO WINNERS WILL BE DRAWN.


    1. Entries with all correct answers will be put into a box and a winner will be drawn at random. The winner receives 2 of my DVDs of SNC concerts.
    Started By DaisyKary 30 replies Category : Anything Goes
  • Last Reply: 3 years 5 days ago

    Here in the People's Republic FACs usually take place on the patio of one of our many fine establishments now that the weather is nice.

    Since it's not possible to do that with all the Chasers across the world, I thought we could have our own FAC here - who wants to join us for a beverage and a chat?

    I'm using this opportunity to put my souvenirs from the last series of shows to proper use:

    I know it's not quite Friday afternoon in my time zone, but it is somewhere in the SNC universe ;)

    -the redhead-

    Started By -the redhead- 1 reply Category : Anything Goes
  • Last Reply: 3 years 1 week ago

    One of the things I miss most from the old site is the Recent Activity feature. That allowed me to keep up with fun things like new photos, videos, etc. While the wonderful WebCrew works on the website to restore all the functionality they've spoiled us with in the past, I thought I'd throw this thread up for the interim.

    What have you done lately on the site that we would all enjoy?

    I posted 8 videos from the recent Ft. Collins shows to my profile. Let me know what you think of the notes I added to Heard It Through The Grapevine.

    -the redhead-

    Started By -the redhead- 4 replies Category : Anything Goes
  • Last Reply: 3 years 1 week ago

    As there is alot of #Chaserlove happening at the moment, I feel that #Chaserlove should have its own day. So I have decided to make 1st April the first #ChaserLoveDay. Please feel free to spread some #ChaserLove on the very first #ChaserLoveDay.
    Sometimes a little #Chaserlove can help a chaser get through the day. #ChaserLove is that thing you feel in your heart when a fellow Chaser post on your Facebook wall/favourites one of your tweets/comments on your profile/direct messages you to ask how you are doing today.

    Started By mel2bell84 1 reply Category : Anything Goes
  • Last Reply: 3 years 2 weeks ago

    Hi.  This is following in the steps of EileenR with her awesome "Need a Laugh?" thread.  These guys have a sense of humor so why shouldn't we share things (videos, pictures, etc.) to make them laugh on the road.  Plus, we can make each other laugh as well. :)

    So I will start it off... sending some love from the states, here's one of my favorite youtube videos. 

    Iron Chef America Secret Ingredient Reveals

    Started By gingertonality 0 replies Category : Anything Goes
  • Last Reply: 3 years 2 weeks ago

    We'll be up in mezz-cannot wait-Say Hi and happy Mothers Day'    Were you here for the marathan.  Good place to eat is Punhtinos  SE 2nd street  less than one block in off biscayne..Feedback after the show.      

    Started By Carmela Jacobitti 0 replies Category : Anything Goes
  • Last Reply: 3 years 2 weeks ago

    Has Carole King heard the SNC version of Hi De Ho?  And if so, what were her thoughts?  I think it's an outstanding arrangement but then again, I think all of SNC's arrangements are outstanding!  Can't wait for more :D

    Started By Paula K Southgate 0 replies Category : Anything Goes