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  • Last Reply: 1 year 11 months ago

    Does anyone have this dvd that you would like to sell? :)

    Straight No Chaser: Live at the Musical Arts Center

    Started By Samantha 0 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 years 3 days ago

    I got to thinking today how far I traveled in 2012 to see various Straight No Chaser shows, and wondered how it compares to the year 2011. How many miles it would be if I added all my trips up? Then I started thinking about the Chasers I know that have traveled internationally to see them. I thought that might be fun to talk about.

    So, tell me how far you have traveled to see SNC? If you have seen multiple shows, add them up maybe by month or tour, etc. What's the farthest you've traveled? How far did you travel for your first show? How far in 2012 compared to other years?

    Started By Dottie 10 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 years 5 days ago

    I was just browsing the Mac Apps Game store & I came across a game called World of Goo! No kidding! Too bad it didn't have anything to do with the guys. Has anyone here played the Simms games? If so, have you made the guys into characters? I've hard of someone doing that with another group I'm into. Just thought I'd pass this along because I thought it was funny & I thought others would too!

    Started By Vixter 0 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 years 6 days ago

    Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered... Has SNC ever performed 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' live? If so, are there any fan videos uploaded? (I've looked, but seriously, Chasers -- when you upload videos entitled "Straight No Chaser - <song>", the title gets truncated once uploaded and you leave us having to actually launch each and every video to see what the song is.)

    Thanks in advance if you can point me to a video.

    Started By Christina 7 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 years 6 days ago
    Picture the scene its '96 in Bloomington IU
    when 10 friends got together and wondered what they could do,
    "I have an idea" shouted Dan an all round lovely fella
    Lets make a group with no instruments, lets sing songs a-cappella
    "A-CAPPELLA" they said as one "MAKE MUSIC WITH OUR VOICE??"
    "If we want to meet the ladies" said Dan "I'm afraid we have no choice"
    So Straight No Chaser was born that year also known as SNC
    Serious about their music but not wanting to be taken too seriously.
    They set about arranging songs and practised whenever they could,
    they wanted to meet the ladies so
    Started By redrogue70 14 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 years 1 week ago

    Admittedly I'm not always the first one to the party (came upon SNC a few years after they were signed by Atlantic). However I had this thought after my experience on YouTube last night.

    I came across Anna Kendrick doing the "cup song" on David Letterman. For those of you even slower to the party than myself, if that's possible, the "cup song" is a percussion of a Solo Cup (or any cup that won't break) done to the tune of "You're Gonna Miss Me" by Lulu and the Lampshades.

    I watched about ten versions of this on YouTube last night and it became infectious.

    Started By Rich Bentel 0 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 years 3 weeks ago

    Hello chasers,
    The Fall #SNClive tour has come to a close. For me it was a busy week befor Christmas but I would not change anything about it. I was able to spend time with friends,see my ten favorite men and meet a new lovely friend named Holli.
    I feel blessed to have had a part in presenting Ryan with his memory book from the chaser community. so much I wanted to say but time was limited.
    Ryan will always be a presence in the group even when not physically on the stage.

    Started By cindy 2 replies Category : SNC General Discussion