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  • Not sure if this is the right spot to put this, but no other spot seemed to fit. I'm on another board where you can post videos of groups/artists we like. I tried to post some of the guy's videos from Youtube, but there was always a red line under the last part of the address. Does this mean that we're not allowed to put them on other sites?

    All the Best,

  • So, while I have been waiting several days for assistance because the website would not even let me load the webpage to get tickets, it looks like the one concert I could attend has sold out (as there is no ticket option tab available under "Tour" on your website), and the other has only terrible, single seats scattered throughout the venue.

    I am quite unhappy. I had a simply query that chould have and should have been answered within 24 hours, so that I could take advantage of the presale. Now I will not be attending ANY concerts on the Canadian tour.

    While a longtime fan of SNC, I am NOT a fan of crappy customer service. I have been a member of the website for years and never had trouble previously.

    All the Best,

  • Need to get Jenn in there on the Community page:)

    All the Best,

  • Men and Little Three final outcome is what ? Communicative in some circles , a lot of men have a small three , they think it is a complete part of life , this is how they come out bragging . You want to " advance " about the outcome of men and small three do ?
    First, men and small three happy ending: the successful incomplete
    If a man keeps a small three discovered by his wife , leading to their wives and children will ultimately end up divorced , if the primary three are single, they will naturally become husband and wife , ex-wife will live their own happy life, if there is between husband and wife the child , the child is most unfortunate .
    Second, the most frustrating outcome: Jifeidanda recovery singles
    If both have families , things were discovered one divorced, but do not want to drop another family , then this person is both life and wealth , will regret for . Continue to be party to a marriage because things might not have found a way to be happy life together , and how their lives will be a hazard .
    Three , and a small three most realistic outcome: what they need from each other happy
    The reason why many mistresses and men together , map is a wealth word . Often after a certain number of wealth , would be absolutely natural choice to leave. Many women and men will be together is because of money , if wealth can resolutely chose to leave, there is no thought of going to affect men in the family , as long as enough money to spend , this is usually small three natural break , this is a man will find it or the next target , and brought to light sooner or later thing.
    Four men and a small three most confusing ending: Harem fire ruined
    Let a man looking for his wife discovered his mistress , his wife out of revenge , actually go lover, the result is so much noise ruined , domestic violence continued. If a man find a small three were found, while his wife was a ton of bricks people , they would go to small three rewards , so doomed between husband and wife violence constantly , so men find small three many of these women three from the four virtues , but blindly go said that the woman is obviously unfair. In this influence, often associated with Valentine's relationship will change , eventually becoming a loner . I think this is 'm miserable ending, wounding hurt already , not a husband and wife against a enemy, whom ashamed lover will regret , so why bother ?

    All the Best,

  • Suddenly, I'm getting pop-ups every time I load this site asking if I want to be added to the mailing list. No big deal...except the stupid thing bounces around so it's impossible to click to close it. If this is something that should NOT be here, you'll want to get rid of it. If this is something that you HAVE added to the website, please ditch the bouncy bit. It's frustrating as heck.

    All the Best,


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