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    Sinfonian? Started by rob-bah-bah

    I don't know how often the members chech this, but does anyone know if any of them are Sinfonians?  If you don't know what a Sinfonian is, then you wouldn't be one.  Didn't for for to sound as mean as it did.  Anyway, I was just wondering if they were.

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    Happy Birthday Michael Itkoff! Started by Lillian

    Hello, Michael.

    I hope you have a wonderful day today and may the new year bring you light, love, laughter, and music!

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    Wedding Wishes for Dan and Amy Started by KristinC

    Dan and Amy's wedding is very soon, and I think it would be great to have a Chaser "guest book" for them with our well wishes!


    In case you missed it, here is the video of Dan's proposal to Amy (warning, Kleenex may be needed):


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    The Boys Have Come a Long way in a couple of years! Started by Diva Donna

    While wandering around the net tonight, found a clip of SNC on WGN news way back on 12/02/08. Below the video it says they'll be appearing at Macy's in the handbag department, & at the Morse Theatre, which I've never even heard of, here in Chicago, & the... Category: The Band Members Replies: 6 Last Reply: 8 years 4 weeks ago


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  • Hi there,
    i'm wondering if SNC is plannong to do another cruise in the future?
    I certainly do hope so since I couldn't make it on there first cruise,
    If not, can you let me know what the next event will be?

    All the Best,

  • Just giving you guys a heads up (if you haven't already heard). Ed Sheeran will be an advisor for Christina Agulira's (sp?) team on The Voice this season. I know you'll be busy touring, but I thought you could catch some of the episodes on you time off or on the internet. I won't be seeing you this tour, but hopefully next year! Take care guys!

    All the Best,

  • So, as many of you know, I have a little chaser, Amelia. She is 5 years old and is absolutely in love with Dave. Well, she went to her first concert on Friday, August 23, 2013 at Harrah's in Atlantic City. It was a surprise for her and even after putting on the special shirt that daddy made for her, she still didn't quite get what we were doing. It wasn't until she saw the merch table that she knew there was a Straight No Chaser show and that she was going to it. Freaked out, in a good way! Whe was so excited, even the usher made a comment about her :)
    So, back in May I had told Walt that she would be coming to a show this year. He had told me to tweet both him and Dave about it, on the day of the show. So, I did just that, including where our seats were. I thought nothing of it.
    Concert begins and she is excited and smiling and pointing to Dave on the stage. There is a moment where I think he sees her from the stage and gives her a smile and a little wave. She is beyond excited now!
    So, towards the end of the show they are doing intros. It gets to be Dave's turn and he does his intro and then says that there is someone special in the audience. He comes off the stage and into the audience to talk to Amelia! Mama is freaking out a little bit now. He asks her what her name is, how old she is and if this was her first Straight No Chaser. She gave him the answers. He then asked her if there was anything she wanted to say to the guys and she said her name again. (keep in mind, she is 5 and everyone is looking at her and there is a microphone in her face). He asks her again if she wants to say anything to the guys on stage and she says, "I love Dave". He was so sweet about it and then he gave her a big hug! Mama was crying a little bit by this point. Her first concert was the best!
    We stayed for the meet and greet and the guys were just so sweet (not that I expected anything less). They all talked with her and she shook all their hands. When she got to Dave, she gave him the picture she drew for him and showed off her t-shirt that has his picture on it. He told her to stick around for the group photos. Got down the end and the last two guys were Mike and Jerome. As we were standing there, I told her that Mike gives really great hugs. He waved her around the table and she got a big hug from him. She then proceeded to tell Jerome that he sweats a lot on stage. Thank goodness he agreed with her and laughed.
    We stayed for a group picture and as it was our turn to walk over to the guys, they were all so sweet and kind of doting on her and making her feel so special. Dave picked her up and the photo was taken.
    I just want to say thank you again to Dave and the rest of the guys for making her first show such a memorable one. This is just another reason why I love you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Oh, since I am not very good with the computer stuff, if anyone knows how to add Kary's link of the video she took of Dave and Amelia, could you please add it below? Thanks so much!

    All the Best,

  • Hello Chasers!
    A couple years back we set aside a whole week to celebrate the things we love about the baritone vocalists of Straight No Chaser! This year we are doing it again, and we'd love for you to join us! There are several ways for you to get involved and help make Dave, Don, and Seggie feel special.

    #1: Post a comment on this discussion or on the guys' profiles here on that shares what you love about them and their talents!

    #2: Like our page on Facebook and share your pictures, videos, and comments there!

    #3: Follow us on Twitter and interact with our tweets about the baritones!

    #4: Follow us on Pinterest and re-pin your favorite pins of ours to your own SNC and music/photography boards!

    We are in full swing already, so we hope you will join the fun and help the guys feel your appreciation!

    All the Best,
    BEEP week

  • I am SERIOUSLY going to miss Ryan, but I am optimistic that I will come to like Steve.

    All the Best,


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