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    Just recently, I was reminded of that old remark which goes: "Painting realistically right from a photograph is being a zerox machine". Back then, I was painting my newest creation, that simply was from a photograph I acquired in the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. Over half the way thru, my better half remarked that this work of art seemed to be identical to the picture. My husband intended this as a good compliment, nevertheless I regarded it as a two pronged blade. I asked myself if being a great artist wasn't a lot more than technical skill.<br><br>

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    A "Randy Love Thread" got started in one of the other discussions, so I thought I'd make it a whole separate topic.  Chasers, please discuss your love for Randy.  I'll begin by saying probably none of us would be congregating here if it weren't for him (=BLAME RANDY).  That and he needs more solos.  Way, way more solos.  Okay, now your turn.



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    IT'S BACK! October 31 - November 6 is the SECOND ANNUAL National Underrated Basses Week! Stay tuned for a week full of appreciation for the two best basses around - Randy Stine and Charlie Mechling!

    If you're on Facebook, stop by and *like* the fan page at

    If you're not on Facebook, keep an eye on this thread for updates, or follow us on Twitter @NUBW

    Be sure to follow Randy and Charlie on Twitter also:  @randystine and @charliemechling

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    Well kids, it is time to start another love thread (mostly so the other band members do not get too jealous with all the Seggie/Randy love that has been bouncing around this web site but also cuz i was told to start this thread...under threat!  Imagine!!!)

    Actually, all kidding aside, i feel honored to start this love thread for Dave...or DR, whichever you prefer, because as time goes by, i am realizing how much he brings to the group and also he is us just say, Dave has swagger. 

    So Chasers, get your love thoughts together and let's hear it for ....(drum roll

    Started By laura 318 replies Category : The Band Members
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    It was announced on 1/24/13 that Steve Morgan is once again a member of SNC, and we Chasers are so excited! Although Steve is included in Gina's "DMS Love Thread" (, now that he's a current SNC member he needs one of his own! Show Steve some love, everyone!

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    Well...April is just around the corner, so that means it's time for a Charlie Love Thread!  Time to discuss all the things we love about this bass extraordinaire: 

    His genius comedic timing...

    His glorious rich, chocolate-covered cello voice...

    His warm, friendly personality...

    Please feel free to add to this list of all the wonderful things Charlie Mechling brings to Straight No Chaser!

    Started By AngieTheCanuck 264 replies Category : The Band Members