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    Perhaps this question has already been one of your tweets yesterday, you said you loved it when the number of haromonies sung on Glee outnumber the people singing.  As a musically challenged individual, I'd love to know how you knew that.  I know you are one of ten musical geniuses, so you could pick up on something like that.  But how did you know?  What should I be listening to or for when watching the cast of Glee sing so that I could know it too?  Would knowing something like that diminish your enjoyment of the song they are singing in Glee?

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    The Chaser community is waiting anxiously for the birth of Charlie and Julia's new baby.  There are many good wishes and lots of prayers!  Here's a place to share all those feellings and maybe even a little advice for the new parents!!!

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    Hello Everybody! The Straight No Chaser Appreciation Week is back! February 14th - 20th we will be celebrating "Baritones: Exceptionally Entertaining People," aka BEEP Week!

    Get ready to appreciate the wonderful SNC baritones:
    Dan Ponce, Dave Roberts, Don Nottingham, Mike Itkoff and Seggie Isho!


    There are three ways to join in the BEEP week fun:

    Comment in this thread.



    *Like* the Facebook page:!/pages/B...

    Follow us on Twitter:!/BEEPweek



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    Check out this interview with Seggie that was found in a Vegas Magazine called whats-on 


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    A year ago, I posted a note to SNC sending wishes for a 2010 filled with success in all they dreamed and thanking them for their music, which played a major role in keeping my spirits lifted at that trying time.


    I placed the note on the site just before I left for another daily trip to the hospital, unsure if anyone would ever see it, but feeling the need to express my thoughts.  When I signed back online, I was floored by the outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers. 


    A year ago, I was fighting to keep my smile, feeling utterly alone, and afraid to speak up and share my

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    When I stumbled upon SNC on public televsion last year, I was FINALLY able to give my mom a Christmas present that she would enjoy throught out the year.  You see, my mom is 80 (but looking at her, you would never know....great genes!!), and I could FINALLY take her to a concert she would enjoy.  We went to the AC concert over Thanksgiving weekend.  SHE HAD THE TIME OF HER LIFE.  I finally found music she could listen to and totally enjoy.  Well, I surprised her this Christmas with a new DVD and CD player for her own "All I Want for Christmas"  DVD/CD.

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    Dan Ponce back on the news team in Chicago??????

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