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Concert and Cruise Count Down!

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on 2 February 2012 - 2:09pm

Everyone is getting excited about the guys hopping The Pond to the UK because this is the beginning of the 2012 Spring Tour!  Lot's of Chasers have already started counting down to their next concert, so I thought we could count down together. :)

God willing, I'll be able to go to their Mesa, Arizona concert on March 22 ~ only 48 days away!!


I know some Chasers will be going on the cruise in October, so here's a link to the Cruise Countdown. (I'm pretty sure this will work...)


When is your next concert?

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Cruisers ~ It's below 200 - only 181 days left!! :)

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SingForMe - Woohoo! Did you see Walt's tweet? ;)

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S.Brandon ~ HA! saw them in December, while I saw them way back in October. I had to wait 5 whole months!! ;)

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Wait a minutes, SingForMe - haven't you already seen two concerts since I say my last one? Stinker.

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WOOO HOOO I've only got 9 days!! :) I'm SOOOO HAPPY!!!

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mama2josh23 ~ YAY for only 49/48 days!! And VERY COOL for bringing a *new* fan! That's so great! :)

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49 Days untl my next concert in Reading PA. Not only am I going to my 3rd show in about 6 months, but I think the guy that I recently just started dating is planning on buying a ticket to the show as well. There is a single seat at the end of the two seats I bought for my son and I and he said he wants to go. This will be his first SNC experience.... live. He has watched some of the videos and I am so excited to be the one to introduce SNC to yet another potential Chaser... :) I can't wait!

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oooops...I jumped the gun...TODAY is the day for our Canadian friends!!...SO EXCITED FOR YOU! (Keep us posted, please.)

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I'll be leaving at around noon to drive down to Calgary for the show tonight!

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Today is THE day!! Have FUN, ladies, and keep us posted! Can hardly wait to see pictures and video!

(Cruisers...217 days and ticking...)

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Angie, Hey..short is 4'10...yep that's me. Too bad hubby isn't coming this year, he's 6'2 and you'd be able to find us! Batteries are charged for both video and camera but can't promise great shots...
yea! tomorrow.
Hopefully the roads will be all clear by then. Safe travels.

Alexandra, don't least I'll have some good pics to share! And hopefully Angie gets some video! The day after tomorrow!

Bonnie, would be great to see you in Vancouver!!! Will be a great show!

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YAY!!!!! I'm so happy you're getting to see them Day. After. Tomorrow.!!!! Can hardly wait to hear all about it!

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Ummm.... Day. After. Tomorrow. *grin*

Hopefully my plan pans out. My camera isn't that great for videos - I'll try a couple...try to get any new songs at least.

Betty - I think I'm in row 6. And I'm 5'10". Sorry. (Oh, but actually, I'm pretty short when I sit. True story. I'm 2 inches taller than my husband when we stand, and at least an inch shorter when we sit! You should be fine if you're sitting behind me. If you see me, Betty, come and say hi!)

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Angie ~ That sounds like a GREAT plan!! I know sometimes it's more distracting to take videos and pictures, than just *watching* the concert, so I'm thanking you now for all that you're able to get!!! With the new music, new set, new lights, it's gonna be awesome!

Betty ~ Bring a booster, just in case. From the pics I've seen the lady IS tall! :)

Bonnie ~ Great presents for you and your mom! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!

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Calgary- 5 more days. I'll be in the row somewhere behind Angie ( hope she's not too tall).

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My plan, I think, is to take video at my first show, where I'll be in the 6th row, and pictures at my second show, where I'm front row. 5 days, baby!!

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13 days to Vancouver at the Vogue! Me and my mommy for our Christmas present and her birthday (yesterday). CANNOT wait! Hmmmm, where should we go for dinner first....I know where we're going after!

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Karen ~ AAAAHHH!! Take that thing back to the store. Tell'em it was a gift... ;) (Then we better count on Angie to take video) I thought you were Canadian. haha. Lucky you, that you get to see the guys next week!! WOOO HOOO You'll give us updates, though, right? :)

Alexandra (singforme), I'm very sorry to report that my stinkin' dSLR doesn't shoot video! Guest that's the punishment for purchasing a Canon instead of a Nikon! Ah, well, it does take great photographs so I'll be sure to get some great pictures! Hopefully some other Canadian Chasers can post some vidoes.

BTW, I'm the token American lucky to live right on the Canadian border so I'm able to attend a couple Canadian shows. Can actually see Canada from where I live! :) Ha ha ha...

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Sounds like the guys *are* getting ready to embark on the Spring Tour!! As I anticipate the next concert (hopefully, AZ) I'm keeping you guys in my prayers for safe travels and happy singing...and dancing!! :)

Cruisers...only 222 days to go!!!

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Angie ~ I know!! How exciting! Let's 'bout a treble clef (or bass clef) embroidered snowflake? ;) Or if you prefer, 5 American dollahs. Whatever it takes. :D

opheliamarie ~ EEEE! You'll NEVER be the same after seeing these guys live!! You will absolutely, positively, love them!

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I'm so excited that I will get to see SNC in Kelowna in 15 days!! It will be my first concert, so I can't wait!!

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I was JUST thinking that, Alex! We will be getting to see new stuff first, for a change! Heehee! I will accept bribes of all kinds for videos. :)

(PS: 12 days!)

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Angie, Karen, and Christina ~ Since you all are going to the guys *first* the rest of Chasers down here in the US are going to *need* some video of the new music they've got planned! :) Please. :)

Just think you'll get to see them in less than 2 weeks....

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Is it really 64 days until Reading? That will be my first SNC concert! I am soooo excited to see these guys live! And I can't wait to meet some of the wonderful new friends I've made because of these men! =]

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Toronto at the end of the Canadian tour... totally gonna be there ^_^ Going with Diana L and friends.

Canadian tour starts in about a week and a half!!! Yippee!!! That means AngietheCanuck, Djinneh (Kelly), Tori, (me), and many other Chasers get to see these great guys in the coming days and weeks! Wheee!!!

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It's the sneaky leap day next Wednesday that throws the count off. :)