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My "I'll Have Another... Christmas Album" Review

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on December 13, 2017 - 12:10pm
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With Christmas upon us, there isn’t a better time to pop in your favorite holiday album as a backdrop to your festivities. This year, the CD I have on repeat is the latest album from Straight No Chaser, humorously titled “I’ll Have Another…Christmas Album.”

This disc is Straight No Chaser's 3rd full length album under Atlantic Records. It is the perfect blend of fire-side gazing at the Christmas tree while snow softly falls outside and that awesome ugly sweater party with an open bar. If SNC’s previous albums “Holiday Spirits” and “Christmas Cheers” had a little album baby, this would be it. And this album baby would be the kid that every parent dreams of having.

It's only fitting that Straight No Chaser returned to Bloomington, Indiana where they got their start 20 years ago, to record this album at Airtime Studios, the same studio where they recorded one of their first college CDs, “Last Call,” in 1998.

It is also fitting that founder Dan Ponce and former member Ryan Ahlwardt were invited to collaborate with them on this album, offering their talents on more than three different titles. Another prominent contributor was a cappella super power Deke Sharon. His arrangement of “Run Run Rudolph” features a powerful solo by Don Nottingham, who swept audiences away with his rendition of “Take Me To Church,” featured on their last album, “The New Old Fashioned."
Speaking of powerful solos, Jerome Collins’ emotional rendition of “Mary, Did You Know” will have you hitting that repeat button and settling in to totally immerse yourself in the miracle of Christmas.

Along with their trademark twist on old favorites, the album includes three original songs by members of the group. From the fun, upbeat “Feels Like Christmas” featuring guest Jana Kramer, to the sentimental tear-jerker “The Greatest Gift Of All”, Mike Luginbill continues to capture the hearts of fans everywhere. Charlie Mechling and former member, Dan Ponce, truly capture the essence of Straight No Chaser’s humor and creativity in the drinking song, “To Christmas.”

While some of the arrangements seem closer to straight covers of the originals, “Joy To The World” and “Lully Lullay,” both arranged by Walter Chase, really stand out. Inspired by Whitney Houston, “Joy To The World” will have you on your feet, feeling the Spirit, and the surprising twist on “Lully Lullay” is sure to leave your jaw on the floor.

While SNC's tenors usually getting the spotlight, this album features several surprise soloists, the highlights being bass Randy Stine and baritone Seggie Isho, neither having been featured as lead soloist on an album previously. Randy’s diction coupled with his clean bass and impressive range lends the perfect image of a “bright Hawaiian Christmas Day” on “Mele Kalikimaka,” and the unique qualities of Seggie’s smokey vocals bring the warmth of a Christmas card to “Winter Wonderland.”

“I'll Have Another... Christmas Album” can be found at area Walmart and Barns and Noble locations, at, and every Straight No Chaser concert. Two bonus tracks, “What Christmas Means To Me”and “Go Tell It On The Mountain” are available to fans who wish to purchase the album at their local Target. Pick up a copy, raise a glass, and enjoy your Christmas celebration, straight, no chaser.

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I spend my this Christmas with my a few close friend in event party which organized
I really enjoy this party.

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