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Need a Laugh?

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on 29 November 2011 - 8:01pm

I was watching some SNC videos that made me laugh, and thinking of other vids and pix that have brought a smile to my face. I thought it would be fun to have one discussion where Chasers could post videos, photos, etc. that showcase the guys' humor. Rather than having to search this site or YouTube, it would all be right here. I'll start us off with a couple fun links. Please add your favorites!

Straight No Dancers:

Poor Seggie!:

Jerome Gets a Tip:

The Night the Lights Went ON in Baltimore:

12 Days of Christmas with Mike and Dan cracking up:

12 Days of Christmas with Randy singing 5 golden rings: In fact this year's incarnation of 12 Days seems to be the best so far. Love Don smacking Ryan's hand, Walt's dreidel song & dance & Jerome's imitation of it, Charlie cringing away from Seggie's bell ringing...


Fun pix: (gotta look in the background of this one)


I could go on all night, and I'm sure I'll think of some more after I post this. Like I said, join the fun & post your favorite laugh-inducing links!


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"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" FaceTime funny at Harrah's:

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Couple funny tweets I saw on the Twitter Feed this morning (I'm still not on Twitter):

Seggie Isho @SNCSeggie
@therealsnctyler on stage said to me "you should say that some say Modesto is the best-o". I don't want to steal credit for such a gem.

Jerome Collins @Romeifuwant2
I think i said on stage that if I had a boat it would be called Incognegro!! I need help!!!

Steve Morgan @sncsteve
@Romeifuwant2 do you want help buying the boat? Kickstarter, bro...

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Poor Jerome will never live down passing out at Wolf Trap. Here's Charlie making fun during Hi-De-Ho (Tara's video). Be sure to also check out 1:33 and 2:13-2:20.

Here's my video from a different angle. Pardon my editorial comments and cackling laughter. Oh, and turn down the volume at 4:05 to avoid my "WOOOO" shriek blowing out your speakers.

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Promo vid for Harrah's shows in August, 2013:
Watch Mike & Charlie.

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This one will make you laugh for sure: See why walt didn't win race!

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Seggie forgot about the audience photos on 5/10/13. Oops.

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Check out the guys' channels for some gems!

Tyler (TreppVideos): Look for the gum taste test video. In which Ryan is awesome.
Ryan (ryanahlwardt): "SNC @ Assembly Hall" is hilarious. In which we find out why Mike is nicknamed "Sluggz."


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Not sure it so much explains why he has that nickname. The nickname is used in the video. Explanation I have heard is that he was originally being called Lugs, pronounced "Loogs" as in Luginbill, which later got changed to Lugs with a short u sound, which then morphed to Sluggs. As they say on "Psych", I've heard it both ways. (S will get the reference if no one else does...)

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Right. You could also make the connection between "sluggz" and "basketball," which is what I did. Who knows? I guess we'll just have to ask...

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I know baseball has "sluggers" at bat, but what do basketball players "slug"?

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Mike kept things light during "Somebody That I Used to Know" at Bryant Park:
Different angle:

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Just discovered this gem: a very entertaining intro in which they describe being in Atlantic City during the earthquake in August 2011. For what it's worth, Tyler, the East Coast doesn't usually get earthquakes, either. :)

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This needs a bump, so here's my favorite version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Probably because a certain bass and tenor were losing their minds on stage right...

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Thanks for the bump Tabitha! Made my day start off right!

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Thanks for all of the posts! I just ran across this thread and have had a few good laughs!!

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Some comedic comments from Seggie and Charlie made their way into Walt's Facebook chat on 3/7/13, as well as this gem from Walt, in reply to a fan asking whether Mike is single:
"I love getting the "Is Lugs single" question in MY Facebook chat. No he's not, he's mine!"

For more of Walt's chat check out these discussions:

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Ryan's last day on 12/23/12 was emotional, but SNC found ways to lighten the mood:

"Sing it the way you did in rehearsal," made everyone wonder about these Chipmunks:

The intros were serious, but then things got Silly (String):

A last "Lion Sleeps"- watch DR run interference between Seggie & Charlie:

On the second day of Christmas, Tyler sneezed, and some other funny stuff:

Ryan accepted a karaoke challenge to sing lead on "Let's Get It On"- I don't know who's funnier in this- Ryan or Jerome:

Matinee movie medley had something new with the intro:

During the PM movie medley Ryan redefined slow-mo:

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I'm wiping away tears and I've only watched two of the videos. Thank you so much, Eileen!

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HAHA! That is just what I needed. I love being a Chaser... :)

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Ship the sink! HAHAHAHA! And what the heck was Jerome ranting about at the end? :D

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Best and most hilarious Hi De Ho ever performed. Also from the cruise.

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"Movie Medley" on the cruise- Charlie challenged the rest of SNC to do his intro. There were some extras thrown in, including a new ending for the "Titanic" theme song (which Walt deemed "wildly inappropriate" to sing on a ship).

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@Eileen, this has definitely put a smile on my face! These guys have so much fun and this was so neat to catch on film. :)

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This discussion needs a bump back up to the top! Funny comments at the beginning from Ryan ("We should form a group! Well played") as well as at the end from Mike about Kyle Tolbert almost missing the ship on the cruise:

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Prob already posted this a while ago, but it's one of my favorite videos for a good laugh- the original line up of SNC performing "Any Dream Will Do":

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I'm sorry if this video was posted earlier but it cracks me up every time. It's the one where Mike forgets the words to Billie Jean. Ryan and Rome start laughing so hard that they aren't able to continue singing.

Great idea, Eileen! Thanks for the fun!

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I found that video about two days ago and I LOVE it!!! It's so rare for Mike to lose it like that, but that just makes it about four billion times funnier when it happens XD

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Probably shouldn't have looked at this discussion and one in the morning. Looks like I will be up for a while laughing!