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Presale Question

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on October 29, 2012 - 9:14pm
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So.... I know presale tickets for "Fan Club members" go on sale tomorrow for the AC shows. This is the "Fan Club" right??? LOL Just making sure. I am really trying to get to this show. Do I need to have a password or anything? I realize that this is short notice on these questions but we have been trying to make sure we didn't blow away here in Baltimore all day.... LOL. Luckily we still have power and internet... knock on wood.

Thanks in advance for any help from my fellow Chasers!

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Got mine. See you there! (I'll be the jet lagged Brit!)

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I got tickets 2nd row stage right center aisle.....woo hoo!!!

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Just got tickets from Ticketmaster-2nd row center

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They have announced that the Fan Club presale will be this MONDAY, 11/5/12 time *TBA* - I got this info from a @SNCmusic tweet. Please check Twitter or the Twitter feed on this site for further updates.

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Ok.... so I just got off the phone with ticketmaster and there is apparently some kind of "hold" on the tickets... none of them are available for purchase. The only conclusion we (the CSR and I) could come to was that they are waiting until they are able to do the presales before they release the tickets for general purchase and that with all the storm issues (not to mention that NJ/NYC/PA/etc is due to get hit with a Nor'easter Wed-Thurs next week) that they are just waiting to do that. He said to give it another 24-48 hours. So I will! If anyone from SNC managment has a heads up on this one, feel free to share whatever info you can... :) Thanks!

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Thanks for all the assistance in this... I do follow @sncmusic on twitter, but I am HORRIBLE at checking the twitter feed... :(. I will try to do better.... LOL. I am going to try to make sure I get the announcements from the facebook group.... although I know some people have been having issues with that too. With that said, I guess I will just try on Friday to see what I can possibly get through ticketmaster.... keeping my fingers crossed. My parents are probably going to cover the cost of these tickets as my Christmas gift. :)

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If you or your parents have a Total Rewards card & go on the hotel's website, tickets go on sale tomorrow (11/1). Hope this information helps.

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Hey fellow Chasers,

The Fan Club presale for the 2 December AC shows has been postponed. No info on when they will go on sale yet because Luke Pierce from Stiletto Entertainment has not been able to get in touch with their contacts either. Since Atlantic City was hit so badly the Caesars people were probably not reachable & Artist Arena office is in NYC so Luke couldn't get in contact with them yesterday or today either. Hurricane Sandy has effected Chasers, the venue & the ticketing agent alike.

I would think SNC/Stiletto would post something in this website's blog section with updated info on the presale but the BEST way to get an updated announcement on the Atlantic City ticket sale is by following @SNCmusic on Twitter and/or the Straight No Chaser fan page on Facebook! If you don't use either of those services then you can always check the Twitter feeds here on website. Not only will @SNCmusic tweet this info but usually the guys in the group and many Chasers will RT (re-tweet) it meaning it should show up numerous times on both feeds.

Hope this information helps. I too am anxiously awaiting these tickets to be released! Also I wouldn't worry if the general sale through Ticketmaster happens before the Fan Club sale because I'm sure they have already reserved the allotment of tickets for Artist Arena to sell to Chasers that is already separate from the Ticketmaster block. :)

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Just called the Customer Assistance line for Artist New York. It seems there's no phone service. So what do we do now?

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I just checked also both on our "artistarena" page (it doesn't even show the AC shows on the list) and if you click on the link for "buy tickets" from the tour page it takes you to Ticketmaster where presale starts on 11/1. Can someone with SNC let us know how things are working on this?

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Hope you all are staying safe in Baltimore! :S I don't know if this is much help, but here's what I know from when I signed up. This definitely is the official fan club! lol But for the pre-sale tickets, SNC uses Artist Arena. I believe you must become a fan club member/register there. And there is a password/login required. When the pre-sale tickets go on sale, go to this site:

This is the Artist Arena/SNC collaboration site for their pre-sale tickets. Go ahead and hit register and sign up and get yourself a Straight No Chaser Tour Presale Tickets Online Account. (Which is fairly simple) Once you do that, to see the tickets, put in:


in the two slots for username/password on the link's homepage. And you should see the pre-sale tickets!
Hope that helps. Chasers, feel free to correct me on this.

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Thank you for the information; however. the shows aren't showing on the pre-sale list. Help!!! I would really like to get tickets to the 12/15 AC show.

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