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Scarves for Sara

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on May 31, 2012 - 6:56pm
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As may know fellow a Chaser, Sara Nemtuda, is fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Earlier this week I received a message from Angie (AngieTheCanuck)...

As you know, our sweet friend Sara Nemtuda has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Medical bills are starting to add up. I was trying to think of some way to help, and I thought of Scarves for Sara. I am kind of a scarf-making junkie. I was thinking of making scarves on order, according to your preference, for $40, all proceeds going to Sara.

A Facebook page has been set-up for those interest in purchasing scarves.

If you do not have a Facebook account you can contact Angie on Twitter @StarstruckCanuk or email her at

If you are not interested in a scarf but would still like to help Sara, Angie is accepting donations in any amount. Please make donations to PayPal account

Andrianna's picture

Great idea! Geez, I don't think any other type of fan community is this close or awesome!

EmilyT's picture

This is amazing! Thank you for starting this thread and letting us know about this!

CailinAingeal's picture

Gabriella, Angie is the amazing one. This has been all her idea and hard work. I am just helping to spread the word about the project.

amywolter's picture

my money is getting sent to you either tomorrow or early next week!! will wait patiently through the hot/humid pennsylvania summer for my wooly/fluffy/warm scarf for the cold pennsylvania winter!! again, this is such an awesome idea!!

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Wow Jen...thank you so much for starting this thread! The Chaser community never ceases to amaze me...around every corner is someone with generosity and kindness to spare.

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