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SNC TAT with Steve, 12/5/17

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on December 13, 2017 - 12:16pm
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SNC Tell-All-Tuesday with Steve Morgan
Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Q) I need a mini-Tell All Tuesday: If you had Mark Eifler at Plaza, what did you play?
A) I played the baritone in 6th and 7th grades. But I couldn't sing and be in the band, so after skipping choir in 7th grade, I returned in 8th, where I sang tenor and masqueraded as a soprano when just the girls sang.

Q) Will SNC be doing your annual TODAY show appearance this Holiday season?
A) Yes! We will be back on the Today show December 22nd!

Q) Will you guys make another album in 2018 and who arranged the song just a gigolo?
A) That is definitely the plan! We are putting concept and song ideas together in the hopes of hitting the (arrangement) ground running when we head home after the holidays. And Walt arranged "...Gigolo". He's pretty good at that arranging thing.

Q) Who was up watching vintage MTV and came in with, “I’m Just A Gigolo”?
A) Walt came up with that. I suppose it is probably a little more David Lee Roth than Louis Prima.

Q) I can't help wondering, who came up with that intro?
A) As for the intro, I'm not sure whose brainchild that was. I think it evolved over a 1-2 week period earlier in the tour.

Q) 1. Who choreographs your show? 2. Who is the highest ranging tenor in the group? 3. Is there a song that you haven't had the opportunity to perform, yet, that you really want to get to?
A) 1. We have a fantastic choreographer out of LA named Jill Hillier. 2. Walt has the highest notes in the group (only dogs can hear the highest ones). 3. We have a number of arrangements sitting on the shelf right now that are fantastic- hope to debut them someday!

Q) With Don gone (sob!), is it mostly Tyler and Seggie picking up the VP slack?
A) Yes, they have carried the bulk of the VP load, although DR and Randy take turns here and there, as well.

Q) Which songs are Randy and DR doing VP on?
A) Randy does VP on "...Gigolo" and DR does VP on "Grapevine", which I include because it was in the set for part of the earlier tour dates.

Q) What was the best/most memorable Christmas gift you ever received?
A) My daughter, though she came a month late! OK, that was cheesy. A dark horse candidate would be the stove top smoker I got from my wife's grandfather one year. I do love the flavor of smoked eats!

Q) Dare I ask what the strangest gift was? #firecider
A) That one was up there! But awesome, too. Let's just say that we have incredibly generous fans!

Q) 1. Any plans on bringing the group back to 10 members? 2. Who are your 3 favorite a capella groups to listen to?
A) 1. Not at this time. 2. I would say Take 6, The Real Group, and Club For Five.

Q) In Disney, what’s your line after Seggie says Wipe those tears from your eyes?
A) "How is that carpet hovering?"

Q) Do you have any dream collaborations with SNC? Also, will the Green Room Sessions videos you guys have done become a regular thing? Or just something special from the Double Feature tour?
A) As I have said any number of times, I am a huge Harry Connick JR fan, so I hope that we can team up with him sometime. We are trying to get a more Green Room sessions lined up for the rest of the year; would love to keep that going.

Q) What’s your current favorite Christmas tune to perform??
A) I love that we have debuted "Do You Hear What I Hear" from last year's album. But I still love singing about my kiddos in "Housetop".

Q) Any plans on coming back to Ireland anytime soon?
A) We are all hoping to! Should know definitively in the coming weeks. But yeah, we all miss Dublin!

Q) Highlight of The Speakeasy Tour so far?
A) That's a tough one! We had great nights in a couple of my hometowns, Cincinnati and Evansville. But it was incredible to go Mt. Pleasant, MI for the first time and play for a rowdy, sell-out crowd!

Q) Steve, how are the stops on a tour decided? I'm pretty sure that it's not because one venue is close geographically to another (the Wisconsin - Alaska - Colorado stint this fall comes to mind).
A) Honestly, that is largely our agent's milieu. Yes, the WI-AK-CO is not the norm for us. She, along with our management and promoters, try to make sure that our drives aren't too long while hitting as much of the country as we can.

Q) How does Walt arrange all these beautiful songs for SNC?
A) Time, effort, and care, best I can tell. His arrangements are always hits!

Q) Any chance in the near future to make a children’s album or lullaby album? And any chances on a Disney album?
A) We have discussed something like that in the past. And I don't know about a Disney album- I'm not sure they would allow it!

Q) Would you guys ever write and arrange a song about us chasers and how we inspired you to do what you love doing each day?
A) I like that idea, although I should also note that I'm not really one of the writers of the group.

Q) Any chance you guys will ever come to New Zealand? Or even back to Australia?
A) We are hoping to! Discussions are ongoing, so our fingers are crossed.

Q) Any changes of ever doing the song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams? Huge fan of that song
A) Isn't everyone? That's a great song! Now that it's December, you do hear it AT our show... it's the first song played once the show is over. A great tune, so who knows? See, there are always more Christmas songs to perform and record!

Q) Can you ever fathom running out of Christmas/holiday songs?
A) I honestly can't. When researching the feasibility of "I'll Have Another..." to see if there were enough songs we liked to do another holiday album, we found a ton! So while there are no plans to do a 4th Christmas album (counting the EP), I never say never!

Q) I remember hearing that you guys discovered a ton during "I'll Have Another". Do you guys feel some obligation/pressure to do holiday albums since being discovered off of 12 Days?
A) There is certainly something to that. Ultimately, we want to perform what people want to hear. If we use album sales as a metric of that, then people want to hear us sing Christmas tunes!

Q) How do you guys decide what the set list will look like from tour to tour?
A) Some things, of course, depend on what is arranged, but we generally use the previous year's set list as a template (assuming we liked the feel/flow) and try to shape it in that way. Space out the big choreo numbers, never have 2 ballads back to back, that sort of thing.

Q) Is this discussed very early on via Skype? Or quickly during rehearsing for new choreo right before tour starts?
A) We have 2 weekly calls when we are not on the road: 1 to discuss updating dates/general business, and 1 to discuss music. So we are always talking amongst ourselves about what's in the works arrangement- and song wise and how that might fit into the show.

Q) Do you guys take into consideration fan requests? You guys joke about *not* honoring our requests... but then ask for them... but then seem to ignore them... so I'm confused. I saw so many fans asking for Total Eclipse, for example.
A) Despite our jokes, we do take fan requests into consideration. Some make it into the show, others don't. I'm all for doing Total Eclipse sometime, but we didn't think it had a place in this year's show. We hope people like the songs that DO make it into the show, though!

Q) How many gazillion times are you guys asked to do the Xmas CanCan when it’s only October?
A) We do get a lot of requests for that and, particularly, 12 Days throughout the year. But luckily, people are finding out (and enjoying) that we do a lot of non-holiday music, as well.

Q) Any plans to return to Arizona? Any plans for a Chaser Summit?
A) We will be back in the southwest next, I promise! As for a Summit, we have kicked around a number of ideas, but nothing is set in stone at this time.

Q) I’ve been curious about a Chaser Cruise.
A) The first one the guys did (I wasn't back with them yet) was a lot of fun for all. That has just recently come up again as something to possibly revisit. Sounds fun to me!

Q) What accomplishment have you achieved as a group that are you most proud of?
A) Probably that we are still here. For almost a decade now, we have been able to do this thing that we love, through people coming and going, and I think we have our most entertaining show yet. Just one guy's opinion here, of course!

Q) Where do you see yourself (yourselves) in the next couple years? Do you have some goals as a group/small business? Or do you all just take one day at a time & hope for the best?
A) I hope the future looks a lot like the present! We would, of course, like to get overseas more/again and maybe get some more TV time, but we love that we are able to do what we love and still have time for family and friends. Thank you to our Chasers for making it happen!

Q) I hope so too! I guess I was curious how you'd go about setting & trying to reach career goals, or if you had any. If you as a group say to your management, "hey, let's see if we can make this happen" or if it's more like following directions from your management.
A) I like to think we work with our management to achieve our goals. We just went through this process recently amongst ourselves, and then we sit down with our team to see how we can work towards it. That's probably more the "small business" part of who we are.

Q) You know, seeing this tweet drives home to me that it's not just 9 guys making all the decisions. I don't always consider that.
A) We have to all be paddling the same way, and we try to make sure that we are, if not actively directing, at least agreeing on the direction at all times.

Q) Do you ever find that to be challenging, or is it easy to agree on a direction?
A) I would say we generally agree on the direction, but there are a million different ways we could go. So that's where the discussions come in amongst ourselves and with our team, as we try to agree on the best WAY to row.

Q) What song from your college days do you wish you could bring back one more time?
A) Hi De Ho. Done and done! We are talking about bringing back "Dry Campus" for the Bloomington show. And we brought back a number of them for our "Rewind" show in AC a few years ago. I would love to bring back "Virtual Insanity" one time, if only because we never did it live!

Q) Has the group ever performed Who Spiked the Eggnog live in concert and if not, why not? Just curious. It's a catchy little tune. :)
A) It is, and we discussed it for this year, but decided against it. It wouldn't surprise me to see it in next year's set, but no promises!

Q) What do you guys do to keep yourselves occupied during down time while on tour?
A) Today I decided to host a Tell All Tuesday. I try to get to the gym each day, make sure I am helping out with as many things at home as is possible, and then, Netflix! Working on new music and watching videos for note purposes are also routine activities, if not every day.

Q) Whatcha been watching on Netflix? I'm always looking for recommendations!
A) I enjoyed the doc "Jim & Andy" and just watched "The Big Sick" on Amazon Prime today. I honestly haven't been watching a lot the past few weeks, but I'll be searching for something new soon.

Q) Have you heard of the 12 Pains of Christmas by Bob Rivers and have you considered trying it out?
A) I have not heard that one. Will have to check it out.

Q) My mother wants to know... when are we going to get a recipe for holiday veggie dishes?
A) While I won't be cooking much in the coming weeks, I did make a tasty veggie dish this fall that I remembered being particularly good. I'll have to see if I can remember what it is/the recipe.

Q) What goes on in your head when you have to pick up Tyler while hitting that high note? (A. Max two pizza slices for dinner tonight, Tyler, or B. I am He-Man, Master of the Universe!)
A) Full disclosure: I definitely cut out for part of that note while picking up Tyler. If I didn't, the sound I would make would certainly not add to the chord. But I'm still going with B!

Q) I have one more question - do you think can we expect another SNC calendar for 2019?
A) I will take that up with the merchandise team!

Q) How come you guys never recorded "All My Life"? I would still love to have that one!
A) I honestly don't know this song! You mention it's an original, so I am guessing it was done before I came back to the group. I'll have to check it out.

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