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SNC TAT with Steve, 6/6/17

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on December 13, 2017 - 12:12pm
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Q.) Will you make it over to Europe in 2018, realistically? (Don't tell us what we want to hear - be honest!)
A.) We already have plans in the works to come over next spring. A few pressing obligations precluded us from making it this year (see: kids).

Q.) So, Alaska - exciting! Has anyone in the group ever been? How many states still on the to-do list?
A.) I think 1 or 3 of the guys have visited Alaska during cruise ship days, but we are all very excited. I think this just leaves N. Dakota!

Q.) If you guys are making a lullaby or children's album one day, will you cover the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?
A.) We've talked about it a number of times, but never pulled the trigger. So many things that we could do, we've just never fleshed it out.

Q.) So Mike arranged "All Time Low" & Walt arranged "That's What I Like." Who arranged the other 4 #SixPackVol3 songs?
A.) Tyler arranged "Twisting'" and Walt arranged the other 3. Lots of great stuff!

Q.) Will you be performing songs from the new EP this summer?
A.) You better believe it! And maybe a couple of other new ones, as well. We'll know more once we get them all up on their feet!

Q.) Will you guys do the M&G line after the shows during the #DoubleFeatureTour?
A.) Of course, wouldn't miss it!

Q.) Will SNC & PMJ be switching off who opens & closes each night during the #DoubleFeatureTour this summer?
A.) PMJ will be first up each night. But don't be late! They are not to be missed!

Q.) Good, so SNC is closing the show!!! Will Rome Charlie & Seggie be teaching PMJ how to call out latecomers?
A.) Excellent question! We might have to recruit ourselves to help them out with that.

Q.) Do any of the guys have any guilty pleasure songs or music they get pumped up with before a show?
A.) Rome loves his Boy Band Fridays, Tyler loves a good '80s power ballad, and Seggie loves him some @JohnnyBowtie.

Q.) Would you ever arrange more song like the Christmas classic Go Tell it on the mountain?? Best version ever.
A.) I keep trying, I promise! So glad you like that one- it's a favorite of mine, as well.

Q.) When fans say that you guys have make a huge impact in their life and that your music helps them how does it make you feel?
A.) The best compliment! We hope to provide joy and entertainment. The communities of friendship that have formed are beyond our wildest dreams!

Q.) You know the frozen opening credit song Vuelie, or as I would call it Eatnemen Vuelie I can totally see you guys sing it.
A.) I love that part of the movie- good strong male singing!

Q.) Any A.C. dates in the works for 2017? I don't think there's been a year when SNC hasn't done at least a long weekend there.
A.) While we will be announcing more shows through the summer, I don't think we'll be in AC. But we'll be in the neighborhood!

Q.) What are you most looking forward to on your tours this year?
A.) It'll be a neat experience to be on the road with another group. It just has to be fun- why else would every country artist tour that way? But also, going to Alaska will be a bucket list kind of trip. It's going to be a great (and busy) year from here on out!

Q.) Even though it's going to be July when I see you guys I hope 12 days of Christmas will be in the setlist.
A.) I'm not sure we have discussed whether to do that one or not!

Q.) Are you looking forward to cooking every night for the VIP Experience part of the #DoubleFeature Tour? That's a lot of work.
A.) I love to cook, so I am looking forward to it. I have been doing a lot of reading and experimenting to prepare. It'll be a delicious summer!

Q.) Are you preparing the food every night, or will staff be preparing according to your recipe/instructions?
A.) Good question; not sure I know the answer yet. I know there will be help, but I'm far too controlling to not some hand in the actual process

Q.) Is the menu nailed down for the VIP experience this summer? What can we expect?
A.) I haven't nailed it all down just yet, but it's definitely taking shape. The menu will change- I haven't decided how regional to get.

Q.) Any chance you might let us taste your wonderful cooking during the next Chaser Summit, whenever that might be?
A.) *Assuming* anyone likes what I make this summer, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Q.) What kind of wardrobe are you going with to combat the extreme heat of these outdoor summer venues?
A.) Parkas! No seriously, we'll still be in suits, but very light, and no tie. Needless to say, it won't stand a chance against me.

Q.) Any chance of ever trying the Hallelujah Chorus as a group? And what's your favorite Disney movie/song?
A.) That piece might be a bit big for us! As for Disney: I sang a medley of "Out There" and "Heaven's Light" once with orchestra/choir- amazing!

Q.) Will SNC be releasing a new Christmas single this year? I know you have to record them months in advance.
A.) We have talked about it and I would venture yes, but don't have the song nailed down just yet.

Q.) Seggie mentioned that SNC recorded 9 songs for #SixPackVol3. Can you tell us which songs did NOT make the cut?
A.) I don't want to give away all of our secrets, but the ones that aren't on #SixPackVol3 will get out there in some way. Guess I'm not "Telling All" after all!

Q.) Didn't one of you all sing Beauty and the Beast with Lea Salonga, or am I just completely losing my mind?
A.) Yep, that was me. Also sang "A Whole New World". I tried not to fangirl too hard…

Q.) How difficult is it to perform in the outdoor venues during the summer? Do you tire faster? Penguins or Predators?
A.) It's more a matter of hydration and structuring your day so that you have the requisite energy for the show. Bigger difference is acoustics. Also, I am not a big hockey guy, but I have to say Predators for Mike's sake!

Q.) What is your most embarrassing moment ever onstage?
A.) That's tough. As you have seen, not much embarrasses me! Maybe when I wore a mesh shirt and sang Ricky Martin songs on the cruise ship?

Q.) Learn any dance moves from Lily?
A.) I may or may not have helped her with some of her steps.

Q.) I was wondering if you had any advice or tips on vocal warmups, staggered breathing and holding long notes?
A.) It all begins with support. Then, eliminate tongue tension and relax the throat. Basically, eliminate tension and get out of your own way!

Q.) How many special solos do you have on the new Volume 3 6 track album? Steve, you inspire me a lot to keep singing.
A.) I think I have 2. Thanks for the kind words!

Q.) Have you always loved to cook? Are you self-taught? I think you should sell your own cookbook on the merch table - I would buy!
A.) My mom worked some 2nd shift at the hospital, so I had to cook for the family. Then, I spent summers in college performing, and had to learn I eat A LOT, so I tried to learn everything I could working at restaurants and catering. From there, a lot of trial & error!

Q.) Will you guys do a singalong this year? Maybe the Frozen song. Let It Go where you guys stop singing and let us sing, then you join in again.
A.) We are always looking for some fun songs that have audience interaction!

Q.) Your first summer concert as a kid?
A.) I was just trying to remember that! My first show ever was Maynard Ferguson (jazz trumpet). Summer concert? Probably the local philharmonic I grew up in Evansville, IN, so we didn't have a ton of options. But there was a great double bill of America and The Beach Boys once!

Q.) Any chance of behind-the-scenes videos from you guys? What a typical day is like? How you warm up? Your Alaska adventures?
A.) Seggie has taken some great footage in the past, and the feedback from fans has been great. So I would expect to see more!

Q.) Will there ever be a song will you add a actual instrument like flute or piano?
A.) We don't want to leave our niche!

Q.) Would you guys consider singing "No Good in Goodbye"?
A.) I love The Script. No plans to do so right now, but we'll be working on new music for the fall tour, as well, so who knows?

Q.) When I was in barbershop we worked a lot on matching vowel sounds and Pythagorean tuning. Does this come into play in SNC?
A.) (looks up Pythagorean tuning). Vowel sounds, definitely yes. Another key is understanding where the essential lines are and monitoring blend.

Q.) Will you ever do a collaboration with the IU collegiate a cappella group Another Round, and if so what song would you guys do?
A.) That would be a neat idea, but a LOT of voices. But since we have been recording in Bloomington the last couple of times, it's a possibility.

Q.) Favorite venue to perform at?
A.) It's great to do a hometown show, so Cincinnati and Evansville. Others for me: Wolf Trap, Mohegan Sun, Dolby (LA), and geeked for Red Rocks!

Q.) Will you be announcing more fall/winter shows? If so, do you know when?
A.) We will be announcing more shows for this fall throughout the summer. Please check back in July and August for additional dates!

Q.) You guys always remember so much about Chasers. How do you do it? Do you keep a spreadsheet backstage?
A.) No need to! We follow you guys on social media, as well!

Q.) What are some of the most important things you take with you on tour? Personal pictures, books to read, things to pass time?
A.) Luckily, phones make it possible to not need to take too much. I take a book or 2, plus a couple of drawings by my kids to adorn my bunk.

Q.) Any unique or unusual items in SNC’s rider?
A.) Ours is not too crazy- we try to have a number of healthy options. Oh, and every kind of M&M available.

Q.) Any plans for more music videos in the works?
A.) One more in the chamber that is just getting finished up. We'll definitely let you know when it's up!

Q.) What was your favorite song to record for #SixPackVol3?
A.) Honestly, I like them all. As you can see, a lot of variety. I might be a little biased towards "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Q.) Are you guys going to release anymore singles before #SixPackVol3 comes out?
A.) Good question. We might release one more in early July just to celebrate the impending release of the full EP.

Q.) Are you going to have a tap-dance-off with members of PMJ? Or at least consider a VP vs tap dance-off?
A.) Have you seen them tap? Have you seen me? Let me assure you, they win! If Tyler wants to throw down, that's his business!

Q.) In the "All Time Low" video. Was that footage from the studio in general, or from the actual recording of the song?
A.) A little bit of both. We wanted to do a different kind of lyric video, so we had cameras in the vocal booths and in the studio for playback.

Q.) Do you go into the studio with a set plan on most songs or are you able to just improvise?
A.) Most songs are fully fleshed out, but all backgrounds/rhythm are always set. You might get some improv on the more "floral" backgrounds/VP.

Q.) Any progress on the SNC movie?
A.) Oh, how I wish I knew! A while back, they hired new writers, but that was the last I heard.

Q.) Haven't read thru all the ?'s but - how many suits will you have for the #DoubleFeatureTour ?
A.) Whatever it will be, not enough, I'm sure!

Q.) If you could choose to share the stage with any person/band, who would be your ultimate pick? Same with working in studio?
A.) I am a big @HarryConnickJR fan, so I hope that happens sometime in the future! What do you say, Harry?

Q.) Will you guys ever record the song “Away in a Manger” when you make another Christmas album?
A.) It's a good tune- could happen!

Q.) On the subject of you cooking at the Summit, (or #ChaserCon, as I like to call it) - how about offering fans a cooking class? Too Complicated?
A.) You might find out I'm not that good! But if the venue was right, that would be fun. I'm game!

Q.) Who chose the track listing for “The Art of A Cappella"?
A.) We OK'ed it, but it was a joint project involving us/management and our French friends over there. What did you think of it?
Chaser: Love it. It's an awesome collection of some of your best work! Probably listen to it more than any other album. Probably would have swapped out only a couple of songs for Fix You and Solider, but that boils down to personal taste.
Steve: We talked down some things like that, but in the end deferred to the folks in France on many decisions, assuming they know the market better

Q.) Have you guys ever stopped and realized how much we chasers mean to you, especially being there supporting you all every day?
A.) We wouldn't have a chance to do what we do without #Chasers. We have the best fans around, and we appreciate you all more than you know!

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