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We want to hear from you!

  • Post Date 4 weeks 1 day ago
    We want to hear from you!

    Hello SNC Land! We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

    All The Best,
    The WebCrew

    Started By WebCrew 1988 Replies Category : Feedback And Suggestions
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on 20 January 2010 - 4:55pm

Hello SNC Land! We created this new category to hear what you think about the site. Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content? Are there features you would like us to add? Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at

All The Best,
The WebCrew

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emobacon's picture

being a grammar nazi for notes that are for public viewing and not so much my own personal correspondence, i was hoping you could fix your little picture stand i saw at the tony and luigi's restaurant...which i thought very nice, by the way, and my wife and i intend on coming to see the entertainment soon.
anyway, the presentation looks very nice overall. however, "a large part of the entertainers' income derives..."
is confusing. if this is one entertainer, then the section should read, "a large part of the entertainer's income derives..." which is corrected with the appropriate contraction mark before the S showing ownership of one person with regards to the income.
IF, however, you MEANT more than one entertainer's income, it is still incorrect, and needs to be changed to:
"a large part of the entertainers' incomes derives..." with the incomes becoming plural by adding an S.
additionally, the "y'all come back now ya' here!" needs to be removed entirely, as it takes away from the prestige of the entire picture.
However, if you insist on keeping this drivel, then you must change it to: y'all come back now, 'ya hear!"
this version adds the appropriate pause comma, moves the contraction mark from the end of YA to the beginning, where it belongs (as in Do You hear? 'ya) and correctly spells "hear" as in "do you hear me?" from the place version of the homonym "here," meaning do you in this place (which has no meaning at all).
thank you
dave emerson

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Hi WebCrew! Sooooooooo many spam posts on the site. Just thought you should know.

EileenR's picture

Where did the search function go? Trying to find an old blog post and it would be easier to search some key words rather than page back and back and back...

DaveWhite's picture

YES!!!! PLEASE.......Bring back the "search" :)

Thank you

S. Brandon's picture

Don't if you are still taking spam notifications here, but this doesn't look like anything legit to me.

ChaserJulie's picture

WebCrew...thanks for fixing the Chaser Memories! One of my "failed" attempts is hovering somewhere over Maryland. Feel free to delete it. The entry I would like to keep is in Atlantic City! Thanks!

ChaserJulie's picture

Is this thing on? Haven't heard an update from you, WebCrew. What's up with the Chaser Memories page? Thanks!

amywolter's picture

my memory is showing now. not sure if you checked on yours :)

ChaserJulie's picture

Thanks, Amy! I was going to see what you could do about this as COTM, lol!

amywolter's picture

ha ha! it's worth a shot ;)

amywolter's picture

hey guys! as the current cotm, is there anyway I could get mine and ChaserJulie's chaser memories to finally show? thanks! :)

amywolter's picture

my memory is still not showing :(

ChaserJulie's picture

Hey, WebCrew! Ditto with the problem posting a Chaser Memory. Thought I did it wrong, so, entered it again. Still nothing showing. I had the same thought as Amy...maybe it needed to be checked before it was posted. What's the deal?
Thank you!


amywolter's picture

hey webcrew!! I added my chaser memory last night a little after 9pm EST and it's not showing :( do I need to do it again, or does it have to get verified first and then posted by you? I want to make sure it gets added. thanks!

kduke42's picture

I'm having trouble with the site not recognizing me.

I went ahead and reregistered, was 'recognized', tried to go to the pre-ticket place, and can't sign in. Shifted computer and can't sign in. Click on 'send me a password' and nothing happens.
Sign in with facebook and it notices 'you have another account' and asked me if I want to align them-- I do. And the site still doesn't recognize me. I'm pretty frustrated right now.

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Heya WebCrew - long time, no chat!

I was just looking through the band members quick facts, and I find that font extremely hard to read, so hard in fact that decided to stop reading. It's just a bit too...fancy and curly-cued. I wonder if it would be possible to change it to a plainer, easier to read font?

Tic Tac Lady's picture

Yea Karen!! Just coming to check on it for you too!! Thanks Webcrew for making sure that one of your biggest fans had her mic!! Keep up the good work!!

KarenPNWChaser's picture

And this is why YOU have a mic Kathleen!!! :) You're my favorite tic tac lady!!!

KarenPNWChaser's picture

Hey Web Crew,

I know this may seem silly/petty, but are you no longer putting the little microphone on the photo/account for the COTM? I was the COTM for April 2014 and don't have the little mic. Just curious. :)

Thx so much,

AngieTheCanuck's picture

I see a microphone on your icon, Karen.

KarenPNWChaser's picture

Yup, it's there now. It wasn't there before. Luke and David were nice enough to get it fixed for me. Two awesome dudes!!! :)

David McKeown's picture

Are you coming to Chautauqua this year?

Dave McKeown

dsbates's picture

Presale in Cleveland is not working! =(

hbwallsnc's picture

Ugh!!! Tickets for Durham,NC supposed to be on sale now... shows on the website, but not on the re-direct when I click Presale???

Daryl S's picture

You will be in Santa Rosa on 5/1. It will be the 6th time I've seen Straight No Chaser and I'd like to request The Man Who Can't Be Moved. I've never heard it live and it's my favorite song.

amywolter's picture

hey guys! are you running a march madness bracket challenge again this year? I only ask because I got the email from CBSsports to login and start my brackets. It was lots of fun last year. I know IUBB is not in it this year, but I still think it would be a fun challenge :) Just let us know!

ChaeL.Eugene's picture

Hello! Will you guys please put the Songs of the Decade performance of Fix You on YouTube? I love it so much, just saw it on PBS. Want to share it with friends! Thank you, you guys rock.

KarenPNWChaser's picture

Hey SNC Webcrew. Just wanted to let you know that I was trying to purchase tix to your show in Richmond, BC when they went on sale. was asking for a special code to purchase during the pre-sale and couldn't find it ANYWHERE!!! It was very frustrating for me and other friends trying to get tix. I tried various combinations of what I "thought" would get me in and finally guessed right. The codes you gave got us into your site, but didn't help on the site. Any way you can help us avoid this in the future?

Thx, Karen

Mary Finnegan's picture

SNC have reached Irish airwaves!! Huzzah!!This is a request that you tour here, please and thank you.We have many great venues around the country and plenty of interesting things to do and see when not performing so PLEASE consider,then organise a grand tour.Beidh cead mile failte romhaibh go leir,as we say in our native tongue.Happy New Year to you all and those you hold dear.May 2014 be memorable for the right reasons!

kathi sexton's picture

I love u guys & am proud u r from my alma mater. I've seen u 3x-1st time n SF when u were 1st touring then Napa then took my dad & stepmom 2 c u n Sarasota. They were very impressed @ how good u were & how nice & down 2 earth u were afterwards signing autographs & cd's. Do u all still have your other jobs or quit them 2 tour. I know n the beginning u said @ 1 of your concerts u quit but not sure if u tour yr. round or not? I know Michael used have a home n Indy but relocated 2 LA...did u keep your home along w/every1 else did u relocate as well?