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    After listening to the live webchat, I thought it only appropriate that we share some of the love we give to the guys with the women who share them with us......


    Thank you doesn't seem sufficient enough for what you've given to us in allowing the loves of your lives to entertain and enrich ours. As much as these guys have blessed our lives may your lives be equally blessed, even more so. Truly, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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on 18 July 2011 - 6:59pm

After listening to the live webchat, I thought it only appropriate that we share some of the love we give to the guys with the women who share them with us......


Thank you doesn't seem sufficient enough for what you've given to us in allowing the loves of your lives to entertain and enrich ours. As much as these guys have blessed our lives may your lives be equally blessed, even more so. Truly, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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Molly Chase wrote a lovely comment on the SNC FanChat Facebook page. Not sure I can link to it, so I copied and pasted it below:
Molly Logan Chase
Just listened to the episode with Walt & Ryan and had to tell you guys how awesome you all are & how much it means to the guys (& their wives!) that you love & respect the group like you do. You all see in this group what we saw way back in college & it makes me so happy. Thank you for all you do for SNC always.
October 25 at 10:59pm

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Got the chance to meet Mike's fiancee, Zoe, and Steve's wife, Emily at the Chaser Summit in Vegas last month. Such sweet people! I really enjoyed chatting with Emily during the bowling event the first night. Thanks for taking the time to meet me, ladies!

Also, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this, but I want to give a shout-out to all the parents and other family members of SNC that are so gracious with their time at SNC shows and events like the Summit. It is beautiful to see the love and support the guys get from their families. Their pride in your accomplishments is evident- and well-deserved.

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Ladies, thank you for sharing your men with us. It takes a strong woman to be involved with any of these wonderful men. On this day of love, I just wanted to say thank you and that we're thinking of you knowing the guys are away from you today. I hope (and I'm sure they did) they did something special for you all today from afar. May you continue to be Blessed in your lives. Take care! :)

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With Straight No Chaser traveling overseas, it is time to show their wives, fiancees, and girlfriends some support and appreciation again! I know UK Chasers are thrilled about the opportunity to see SNC live, and other folks are always clamoring for the guys to come to their towns. None of that would be possible without the sacrifice and support SNC gets from their partners and families. Ladies, just wanted you to know many of us are thinking of you when you are missing your men. Thanks for all you do- and all you put up with- to make Straight No Chaser possible!

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Even though Dan is no longer a performing member of SNC, I feel like his lovely wife Amy deserves some kudos here as well. I got to meet her and Dan very briefly at the show in Chicago on Saturday, and she smiled and was very nice. Very tolerant of strange women who have almost full-on-fangirl-meltdowns around her husband. Thanks, Amy!

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Happy 4th Anniversary to Lauren and Ryan!!!

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I absolutely love this thread. You ladies are amazing: Thank you!

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Amen to that, Kristin!

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The fall tour starts in just a few days, and the guys will be back out on the road again. I hope they've had a great time with their families during these few weeks off. We Chasers are chomping at the bit to see them perform again, but I'm sure the families are dreading the feeling of missing them again. Thanks again for supporting them as they make OUR lives happier. We really do appreciate you all!

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Happy anniversary to Walter and Molly Chase! So glad you get to spend it together this year!

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Gina & Kristin, I couldn't agree with you more. I went to opening night, closing night, and one in between. I am forever grateful to their families & wives for letting them share their "special gift" that they all have with us.

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You certainly have a way with words, Kristin. Totally agree with everything you've said, especially your last sentence. :)

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After spending just a few days at Harrah's to catch SNC's last three shows, I have a bit more perspective on how they've had to live for the last two summers there. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for them to be around constant casino noises, loud bands in the Eden lounge after the shows, crazy drunken half-clothed partygoers, never-ending parades of tourists and REALLY expensive food for months on end. I honestly have no idea how they've done it. I cannot imagine being a loved one of theirs and being away from them all summer. Thanks again, SNC Better Halves (and all other family/friends). I don't know how you can selflessly continue to share your treasured men with us, but we're mighty glad you do.

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Not only do the women of SNC make sacrifices so the guys can do the job they love, so do the rest of their families & hometown friends. Here's to the moms, dads, siblings, kids, extended family members, and before-they-were-famous friends of SNC!

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Eileen, I totally agree. They went out with a BANG last night. They deserve time off with their loved ones. Thank you guys for a "Summer to Remember".

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So glad the boys will be back in THEIR towns after tonight! Thanks for all your sacrifices, ladies of SNC!

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I pray your beloved princes have a safe journey home after their final concert.....

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Gina, I am totally with you on this one. I agree, thank you sooo much for letting them share the amazing talents that they were born with.

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Love reading how excited the guys are about getting to go home so very soon! So very happy that in T minus five days and counting, you will get to be with your men again! I hope that upon their return and for the duration of their stay at home you enter into a time warp where the ever elusive thing passes ever-so-slowly that you might be able to make the most of every millisecond of every moment with your beloved husbands, fathers, sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, uncles, and pets! Thank you, again, for letting them share their summer with us!

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Thank YOU everyone! So grateful for the support you all show to the group. Very proud of Walt & the guys, it's been such a blast being a part of this group. So happy the rest of the world gets to see SNC now too!

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A huge thanks to all the women of SNC!! Thanks so much for sharing the guys and their talents with everyone :)

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@Lauren Ahlwardt - You are too kind! And I think it's awesome that you recognize the opportunity this is for Ryan and are willing to make the sacrifice - that takes a MIGHTY STRONG WOMAN to be so incredibly supportive of her man! I hope you know all of the families are thought of probably more often than you might think...... for instance....

My husband and I were talking about you all last night. "If you could" then what would you do "in a perfect world" came up in the conversation..... And if I could I would fly each wife, child, girlfriend, and fiancee out to Portland in a G5 the day before the concert and treat all of you to lunch or dinner at Portland City Grill (has a beautiful view of the city). You have all afternoon and/or evening to spend with your families doing whatever tickles your fancy. Then I would get you the best seats in the house at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Maybe even set up your own M&G table..... maybe..... I wouldn't want the guys to get jealous when all the Chasers flock to their better halves! I can't speak for anyone else, but if that were ever to happen, I would go to your table first! I can't think of a better way to enjoy my first concert. Knowing the families are there would make it perfect and complete. And just because this is an "if I could" scenario, I would also fly out Dan, Steve, and even Michael and their lovely families too! And who could forget the gifts? It is in December after all! ;)

Seriously though, if ever such a scenario were to become feasible, you can hold me accountable to do all that! I really would.....

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Gina, what a great topic and supporting the families of the guys is so important. The guys have brought such joy and entertainment to all of us, but we don't stop to thing of the families that are left behind. I'm thinking of Charlie's wife and new baby and he is away from them all Summer! Sending thanks and love to all the families that we know are missing them this Summer while they are in AC! Thanks SNC families for sharing your incredible loved ones with all of us!

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I served in the military and was deployed overseas for a few months, so I know a little about missing loved ones. My husband also goes to school in a different state, so we are still apart a lot. However, we are not apart for the vast majority of the year for multiple years on end. I really don't know how these ladies do it. It has to take a very special, understanding type of person to support someone who's in the entertainment field. Kudos to you, Women of SNC!

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@Lauren Ahlwardt - You taking the time to comment on this thread just shows how truly amazing you are! You, and the women of SNC are for real, the "unsung" but not unappreciated or unnoticed "heroes" of SNC! God bless you in abundance, as you remain in our prayers.

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Thank you Gina! That is super sweet of you! This is truly a blessing for Ryan to be a part of such a wonderful group. I miss my husband terribly, but I know that this is such a great opportunity. Thanks to all of you for your support!

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Just stopping by to say Thank You to all the women of SNC.

I've only gotten the chance to meet Julia. It was so nice to meet her, she was so great to us, shaking our hands and saying hello, even though we had sorted of bombarded her while she waited to go to dinner. She was wonderful!

I hope that I am able to meet some of the other ladies of SNC. They are all amazing for the sacrifices they make for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for everything you do!

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I wanted to say THANK YOU to the women of SNC for the sacrifices you make so SNC can live their dreams and we can be entertained. I grew up as an Army brat then became an Navy wife. I know it is not easy to have the man you love gone for long periods of time. It shows just how strong of a woman each of you are.

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Oh, Gina, what a WONDERFUL idea!!! (wish I had thought of it)

First off I have to say that I have only had the pleasure so far of meeting Lauren Ahlwardt and she is fantastic! Beautiful & funny, gracious & kind! SUCH a wonderful lady!

Secondly, Molly Chase has impressed me to no end! I really hope to meet her at some point & the other wonderful women of SNC!

I had the pleasure of meeting both Randy's mom & Charlie's mom in Indianapolis and they were both so enjoyable to chat with! No wonder these men are so fabulous! Look at the wonderful woman they have supporting them!

Thank you wives, girl friends, mothers & sisters of the SNC men who support them & share them with us! We can not thank you enough! Many, many blessings!

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I was perusing the photos of the guys on Facebook, and it just makes me more appreciative of them and their families. They are so generous to share not just their talent and time with us, but glimpses into their "private" lives when they don't have to. Allowing us to be and/or become their "friends"...... still a concept I marvel at...... so thanks again.