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  • Last Reply: 2 months 1 week ago

    I wanted to write about my Saturday, but couldn't find a suitable spot for I decided to start a "Just Sharing" spot where we can jot down things that doesn't pertain to tours, tickets, etc but absolutely involves SNC.

    So, I had set yesterday as my do "income tax" day. I am not fond of the day as it is lengthy, boring and it takes me a few hours. Anyway, I am at the dining table with all my papers, pens, pencils, ERASERS, and of course, a cup of coffee. Well, before I sat to face my task, I remember that Linda Mahoney (Big Thanks) clued me on the computer music.

    Started By Emilia 151 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 2 months 2 weeks ago

    Hoping to find out what time today the fan club presale starts for the Indiana, PA show. I attempted to buy tickets and when I was redirected to the Bandsintown app, it wouldn't let me go through the purchase process yet. Thanks for the help!

    Started By gpivetz 0 replies Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 2 months 2 weeks ago

    We signed up on the website, but weren't sure if that equated to joining the fan club. We would like to be able to by tickets early during the fan club presale. If this isn't the fan club, would someone point us in that direction please? Thanks.

    Started By gpivetz 1 reply Category : Feedback And Suggestions
  • Last Reply: 2 months 3 weeks ago

    I found you guys on Pandora and fell in love with your music. It's amazing and I would love to see you in concert. Sadly, I'm stuck over here in California and it seems that you hang out on the East Coast. If you EVER come to California and do a concert (assumedly in LA) I WILL be in attendance. Just a thought... :D Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent with the world.

    Started By jakehawk 3 replies Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 3 months 1 day ago

    A "Randy Love Thread" got started in one of the other discussions, so I thought I'd make it a whole separate topic.  Chasers, please discuss your love for Randy.  I'll begin by saying probably none of us would be congregating here if it weren't for him (=BLAME RANDY).  That and he needs more solos.  Way, way more solos.  Okay, now your turn.



    Started By KristinC 1 reply Category : The Band Members
  • Last Reply: 3 months 1 day ago

    I have been looking at some of your videos on you tube, I really enjoy your singing and the story behind the group. I have been very disappointed with the lighting for your shows. I am a professional lighting designer and I would love an opportunity to meet with you and discuss a concept and implementation for your upcoming tour. I believe that a first class group like you guys should have top notch tech to help present your show to you audiences.
    Jay Marks

    Started By Jay Marks 1 reply Category : Concerts&Tours
  • Last Reply: 3 months 4 days ago

    Does anyone know if the guys got their commercial for Superbowl Sunday, or is it a wait & see kinda thing? The Today show showed some this morning, but they were all Doritos commercials.

    Started By Vixter 1 reply Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 3 months 2 weeks ago

    I felt the need to express my gratitude... To all of the people involved in producing as well as the guys of "SNC" . Thank you for what you do. You make a difference with your music, your presence and your grounded approach to performance and fan relations.

    To ground you all just a bit, my friend "Kourtney" has had three life saving surgeries at this point, one just days ago. She was absent in two previous SNC events this year due the the urgency in the first two. I brought her in cardboard form to the Chaser event in Vegas. Remember?

    Well, she was able to attend the Anaheim show last

    Started By Christina 0 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 3 months 3 weeks ago

    I wanted to wish the guys from SNC, the road crew, all the behind the scenes people that never receive enough credit and all their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

    You all make it happen day after day and night after night and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do!

    To all the Chasers out there - Thank you for becoming my second family. You keep the passion of SNC music going.

    And for all of you that post the videos from the concerts you go to - THANK YOU!!! I appreciate that more than I can tell you.

    For everyone, have a Happy and Healthy Holiday

    Started By Rich Bentel 0 replies Category : SNC General Discussion
  • Last Reply: 4 months 10 hours ago

    Hey Straight No Chaser! I'm not sure what your viewpoint on suggestions is, but I have a very good one. In my chorus last year, we sang "No Time" by Susan Brumfield. This is my favorite song I've ever performed, and I think you could make a huge impact on your audience with it. Even if you don't perform it formally, I'd personally love to hear you guys do it anyway.

    Started By ashblei 0 replies Category : Feedback And Suggestions