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About Me: 
I live way up here in the frozen north of Canada. I work from home doing medical transcription, and I have always loved the bass part of any song, whether it be instrumental or a cappella (thus the fascination with Randy and Charlie!). You can find me on Facebook, or Twitter @StarstruckCanuk
Singing a cappella/barbershop, needlework, movies, music in general
Favorite Bands: 
Zero7, Air, Cadence, Goldfrapp
Twitter Name: 
December 15
Birth Sign: 
5'10 1/2"
Currently Living In: 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Relationship Status: 
Musical Influences: 
So varied that it would take me all day to type out. Mostly a cappella and barbershop, but there's all sorts of other things thrown into the mix!
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Oahu - plan to move there some day...I hear it doesn't snow there...
Favorite Things in General: 
Family, music, improv comedy, new experiences, and smiling.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
The Night Circus, Everyday, The Golem and the Jinni
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
Gladiator, The Proposal, Soap Dish, Undercover Blues, The Transporter
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
SNC, Zero 7, Air, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Aim.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
So many, I don't think I could choose a top 5!


Michelle Z.'s picture

Heya! How are you?! Hope you are doing well?! Sorry I missed your bday this year...Hope it was awesome! Happy January and Take Care Angie! :)

KristinC's picture

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and Friday! With happiness, excitement AND psychotic jealousy.

KristinC's picture

I'll be the little spoon, if you please.

Djinnyeh's picture

will definitely have to try and meet when we are in Calgary!

KristinC's picture

I miss you. My Purple Room says you need to come back.

EileenR's picture

Thanks, Angie!!! I noticed that I received this honor in my b'day month, too. Maybe I'll get some birthday greetings from SNC this year, now that I have "arrived" on this site- haha.

Speaking of birthdays, I just noticed again that yours is the same day as my triplets'- what a great day!

Marcaich's picture

Thanks Angie!!! WebCrew's picture

Happy holidays to you, as well! Hope you're enjoying the new year! Love the suggestion for a cruise check-in feature, Angie.

SNC WebCrew WebCrew's picture

Glad to help, Angie! Thank you, we try! ;) WebCrew's picture

Hey Angie,

Great observation about the videos on the feedback thread, we'll pass it along. We can see how that might get a bit frustrating so one way around it, and this is what we do, is to right click on the video you're interested in and click "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window". That way, once you are finished watching the video, you can exit that page and continue browsing where you left off on the other page.

Hope this helps!

TraciP's picture

Was Ryan wearing the scarf you made him in the "Night Before Christmas" video? It sure looks like it! =]

Happy birthday Angie!!! :)

KristinC's picture

I am stunned. And happy. And stunned.'s picture

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the welcome!

BTW, I think I like your profile pic!

Nicole A.'s picture

Also, BAD FRIEND! *smooches*

Nicole A.'s picture

No. Freaking. Way. #andymckee

Nicole A.'s picture

I miss you, too. I think we could spend months together and it wouldn't feel like enough time. :o)

KristinC's picture

Thanks, now I think I'm gonna cry (hormonal already today, as you are well aware).

KristinC's picture

Just saw you and Dottie suggested to the webcrew I should be December's COTM. Don't know if it'll happen, but it would be pretty sweet since it's my bday month. Whether I get to be or not, thank you - that was very sweet of you guys.


GerryG's picture

Hi Angie,
Thanks so much for the reply. I usually am very good at figuring out who is the lead singer, but those two songs, which are absolutely beautiful, had me stumped. I thought it might Steve or Mike I.

DottieK's picture

I am loving your new profile pic. #BassTimesThree

Mmmmm...I think I love your new photo! :)

KristinC's picture

My gosh, I miss you already. Gonna have to start saving pennies/loonies/moose poop to come up there and visit you SOON.

KristinC's picture

Could have lived my life happily without knowing that, thanks. I also see that it's Guy Fawkes Day.

KristinC's picture

Pssst. . .guess what TOMORROW is???? Isn't tomorrow a wonderful word (once you learn to spell it as a kid)? Know what an even better word than "tomorrow" is? TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WebCrew's picture

No problem at all, glad to help! :)

KristinC's picture

Pssst... guess what the day after tomorrow is. WebCrew's picture

Hey Angie, saw your post on the Feedback tab. The preorder package will begin shipping approximately one week before its release on November 29th, delivery will be based on location and your local mail. Delivery to an International address can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on the destination.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, check out this webstore page:

Hope this helps!
SNC WebCrew

Ha!!! Loved you're reaction're awesome!! :)

I kinda thought you might like it a little. :)

KristinC's picture

My husband said I'm not allowed to bring Canadians into our house.

Michelle Z.'s picture

Angie, Just saw your post on Tyler's Love Thread...I am so unbelievably excited for you!!! Have an absolute blast!!! :) WOOT!!

Hey, guess what?! November is only a few days away now!!!

KristinC's picture

Guess whose face I get to smooch a week from Saturday? She's a bass Canuck and her name rhymes with "Ranjee."


I'm so glad to hear that when you go through the M&G line you are prepared not to say anything. Less likely that any shenanigans will take place. You have me a little nervous! :)

Michelle Z.'s picture

?. The End.

1 hr = 3 days! :)

yipyiphooray's picture


eyes on SNC and a big fat YES to SNC!!! =] i'm SOO excited for the EP!!!!

If the SNC store isn't delivering to Canada yet, let me know and I can pre-order 2 and send one your way. :)

DottieK's picture

I love the fact that you are hot on this website, answering questions & connecting people. You're awesome. It's no wonder you were chaser of the month. Impressed.

KristinC's picture

The thought of meeting you in person so soon makes me want to chair-dance. I'll know the time is REALLY close when I can see your arrival date in the weather forecasts! :-D


yipyiphooray's picture

I hope I can meet more Chasers then!!!! =]

I only ask because this past summer when I was in Beijing, I met a guy from Canada, who I think grew up in Quebec because he has friends who he only speaks French to and friends who he only speaks English too. On top of that, his father is Italian so he grew up speaking French and Italian and home and picked up English from school and friends. He is naturally trilingual and I am jealous! I've had to work so hard to be trilingual and I lose a lot of my second and third language sooo easily!!!

That would be the linguist in me coming out..heh

yipyiphooray's picture

Yes, I swooned when they first got on stage. I couldn't recover after that =]

That's so awesome!!! Did you meet them through being fans of SNC or were you already friends??

I'm not sure which parts of Canada speak French, so I have to ask: can you speak French? :D

yipyiphooray's picture

I also can barely match the name to the face..they're all so talented..and..handsome :D

yipyiphooray's picture

That's awesome!!! Do you watch hockey?? I'm originally from San Jose, so I'm a die hard SJ Sharks fan heh

Wow that is dedication going to Virginia to see them!!! You bet when I graduate and get a job, I'll do whatever it takes to see them too :D

yipyiphooray's picture

I honestly don't remember..I was just so thrilled and swooning heh

Now my friends who couldn't go with me last night want to drive to Houston for tonight's show!!! If only we weren't swamped with school..because I would so go..only 3 hours away..ha!

Where and when are you going to see them?? From your profile picture it looks like you know them all personally!!!