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Who, me?! Whatever it is, I didn't do it, I swear. I'm innocent! On a more serious note, make sure you listen to SNC FanChat, the first and only podcast dedicated to Straight No Chaser! It's completely fan-run by myself, along with Dave White and Tina Gaston. Tune in for exclusive news, contests, interviews, and inside scoop on the group! Oh, and we have our own theme song now! (Thank you, Walter Chase and the Airtight! Oh, and Charlie, too.) Also check out the online fan magazine BY Chasers, FOR Chasers: SNC Quarter Notes! SNC Quarter Notes is an online magazine and news source, completely run by fans of the ten man a cappella group, Straight No Chaser. This unofficial SNC magazine includes everything from news in the world of Straight No Chaser to fun games, puzzles, and contests! I hope to see submissions from most (if not all) of you!!!
Los Angeles
Studying and essay writing (not a favorite hobby) SLEEPING (Seggie doesn't think I sleep. Ever. Well, I do. Just, y'know, at ungodly hours, like 2am to noon.) Crafts (especially crafts relating to paper: bookbinding, origami, scrapbooking, etc.) Music/singing (duh) Surfing the internet (a little too much) Graphic design (kinda; I love playing around with Photoshop) Taking pictures Procrastinating... (I'll get to it... Eventually.) Spending hours doing stuff SNC related... If I've forgotten any, please tell me!!
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Seriously? You're seriously asking me that?
United States
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