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I am a wife and mom. I love being creative and usually have a couple of project going at the same time. I became a fan of SNC in May/June 2010. Listening to Straight No Chaser sing has reminded me how much I enjoyed music and how much it was missing from my life. I have since joined a Sweet Adelines women's barbershop chorus and enjoying every minute.
Listening to music, singing, reading, writing short stories, online games (bejeweled blitz), dancing (belly dancing and Zumba)
United States
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April, 2017
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  • May 30, 2011

    Last but not least, it’s time to give some love to the youngest member of SNC, Tyler.


    It does not take long to discover that Tyler is one of the quieter members of the group especially when the interview microphone is being passed around.  Although that all changes when it is time to hit the

  • May 31, 2012

    As may know fellow a Chaser, Sara Nemtuda, is fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Earlier this week I received a message from Angie (AngieTheCanuck)...

    As you know, our sweet friend Sara Nemtuda has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Medical bills are starting to add up.

  • December 22, 2011

    Jacksonville, FL 12/21/11

  • December 22, 2011

    Ryan sent the cow back to the pasture. Jacksonville, FL 12/21/11

  • November 19, 2010

    For those of you that have taken video at the concerts what type of camera did you use?  I am trying to decide if I should bring my digital camera, video camera, or both to the upcoming concert.  Thanks.

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