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Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS


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Kay Lynn Staudt (Aunt KLS)
About Me: 
Hi--I'm a neighbor to the east (Go Buckeyes!) and my Indianapolis friend told me about you. Saw the YouTube video of "12 Days" and was hooked. DVR'd the PBS special to save and enjoy. Not only do you sound incredible, it looks like you guys are just having the best time!
United States
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Kay Lynn
Aunt Kay, Sissy
July 18
Currently Living In: 
my hometown: see below
Akron OH
Relationship Status: 
Married forever
talking too
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
London UK--love, love, love it!
Favorite Things in General: 
My family, my friends, my darling Maddie and all dogs -- homely and otherwise!
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
anything SNC can 'twist', now and forever more--you guys are the best!


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Thanks Kay!!! See you in Toledo!

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Thank you!

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Glad to hear you liked the magazine, Aunt Kay! =) There will be more for sure...can't wait!

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I am not the best photographer, and don't want to miss anything trying to take pics-maybe just at the M&G. We're also seeing them in Cleveland, so I think I'll let hubby take the pictures I can hardly wait--and this will be almost a year since we saw them last.

I've seen them 3 times, all last Fall. I actually debated about driving down to Newark back then since I didn't have to work that night, but was leery of making the drive home all alone-and regretted it! Got to catch them when you can, right?

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Finally I found my receipt! lol Looks like I'm in Pit A, seats AAA 109 and 111, so it does look like we'll be across from each other. Yes, I have seen them live before. They performed in Newark, Ohio and that was my first SNC concert. This time I'll remember my camera!

Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

Whew! That's a relief to know the way the seats are numbered! We must be right across from each other then--don't think we could get much closer--liable to be looking up the guys' nostrils! lol... Have you seen them 'live' before?

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I'm in Pit A but I can't remember my seats. My room is a mess right now so I can't find my receipt. I'll let you know where we'll be sitting. As for the seats, the even numbered seats are on one side of the theater and the odd ones are on the other side. It's weird. :-)

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Hi! Yeah--I have 2 seats : Pit B AAA seats 114 and 116. lol...just noticed the darn seat numbers??? Is there a 115? oh well--probably dragging a non-Chaser friend I'm trying to convert... Where are you sitting? Kay

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Hi! Do you know what section you'll be sitting in at the Columbus show? I'll be there with my mom so I hope I get to meet you!

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Hi Kay! What a sweet lady you are! I woo-hoo(ed) in your honor when I read your comments on Walt's blog! ^ ~ ^ Eileen FR was thinking the same thing...that would be such a cute album cover! I think you need one signed by all 5-38 Airtight members..ha!
Will miss you at the Bloomington concert...but WILL be thinking of you at 4am watching the Royal Wedding..I think of you every time I hear it mentioned! Enjoy!!

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Thanks Kayll! They waited til I left the country, maybe they want to make sure I'll come back?
I wasn't believing anything until today, cause after all, it was april fools yesterday! In fact, Carla congratulated me on facebook last nite & I didn't believe her, thought it was april fools. In fact, I really impressed myself that I'd even remember it was!

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Thank you so much for your comments on the love threads! We appreciate it very much!! There will be more, so watch for them!

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lol...why thank you! I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard it myself! I did get to meet Dave, along with his lovely wife, Laura, Carla (Marcaich) and Rob (rsmit212), too! Skate for the Heart was my first live SNC experience and one of the few that didn't have a meet and greet, so I was a little disappointed. However, while we 'chasers' were standing and talking in the lobby afterwards, Walt came around the corner, looking for some family members. I immediately blurted out "WALT!" --lol--and he graciously took a few minutes to talk with us, so that was very cool!

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Hi! Hey, NICE SHOUT OUT for you on the podcast! Did you get to meet Dave at the ice-skating program? So cool that you got mentioned (I whooped when I heard your name ^ ~ ^). Yeah!!

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Thanks, Kay. It certainly took me by surprise. But I don't even have any pics or videos to upload, so I guess Kary's will stay underneath my name. Oh, dear....

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Oh, I bet you are having a wonderful time tonight! I know so many of the chasers (myself included) are looking forward to meeting you and Ryan's mom! New Year's Eve celebration in Reading didn't work out for us this year--but we're planning on seeing SNC as many times as possible the next year--they are just so much fun!

Thank you for your quick response. Don't know if I am able to comment to Heather and Matt, but want them to know that they are not alone--so many people are keeping them in prayers. Dealing with infertility issues is hard enough, but to have your dreams and hopes dashed so cruelly.... Yes, it's hard to know what plans God has in store for us. Here's hoping that 2011 is a peaceful, blessed and fulfilling year for every family! Enjoy your evening with Ryan--wishing I was there, too!

Sincerely, Kay

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Hi Kay. GREAT to hear from you and thank you for your kind thoughts and observations. In Reading, PA to see The Guys tonight, preceded by dinner at 530. Really looking forward to meeting many fans and friends in a couple of hours. is the site you requested. Thanks for your prayers offered on behalf of the kiddos...much appreciated for many reasons...all from the heart.

Happy New Year to you and yours, Kay.

El, for Kathy too

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Hi Kay!
Look here to see if you can find that gelato I raved about, near you:
I loved your description of your night w/guests-lots of tasty treats (and Tums!) :) Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Kay! Hey! I've got tickets for that night too!! Are you going to the 6pm or 9pm show? I bought tickets for 9pm since I thought they might sell out, THEN they added the 6pm show, which I would have preferred, but that's ok! I've never seen a live show, so I'm really looking forward to it!
Clay City, IN is right in between Terre Haute and Bloomington. TH is a little closer and I have family there, so we would usually go there for shopping and such. Bloomington, on the other hand, we would go to every year after Christmas...they had a *TARGET* store..we thought we'd died and gone to heaven!! TH still doesn't have a Target, don't know why, they have everything else!!
Clay City is also known for it's pottery. There is a lot of clay in the soil, so they put it to good use! They used to have a "pottery festival", but it's really gone downhill in the past couple of years. It's a small farming community where everyone is related to everyone else...I went to school with kids from BOTH sides of my family...everywhere I looked, there was a cousin!

Yes, isn't Clay Terrace FUN!! It's so cute! I read something earlier that said that this is the new trend..outdoor malls, as such, since there is no overhead for the heating and lighting of an indoor mall. I had never thought of that...I just thought Clay Terrace was charming. If you have time, you and the friend should go to Metropolis, in Plainfield, it's along the same order and it's cool too.

I live on the far southside of Indy near Greenwood, so I don't get on the northside very much. Indy is very easy to get around though, that's a plus. I love going to Castleton too.

Have a safe trip coming to Indy, and maybe we can *meet and greet* ourselves at the concert!

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Hi Kay! A note from (another) Kathleen (Tic Tac lady). I had to smile when you made the comment on Tyler's photo. I don't think Leigh 'got" your humor, but what a cute picture that was! I want to see Randy a picture like that too!!!

Annie L's picture

Hi Kay!
Thanks for clarifying it's pecan ;) I must try the Graham CS flavor, though, haha! Along similar lines (re: graham) - have you ever had Ciao Bella gelato? They have a Key Lime Graham that is so amazing! Wonderful flecks of graham cracker throughout...if you like key lime pie, you'd probably enjoy this gelato :) Thanks again for the recommendation on Handels!

Annie L's picture

Hi Kay!
I *totally* want some of that Handels Graham Central Station ice cream! haha :) Sounds delicious - I'll be doing some research later today - thanks!

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Mom (Antoinette) had a great time at the show last night. Thank you for the lovely comment. I will be sure to show them all to her when she gets home. We took her to visit her sister after the show last night so she probably won't see this for about a week but she will be as thrilled as I am at all the wonderful things being said. My husband posted the picture he took of her with all of "our guys" but I don't know when it will show up on the site.

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Hi Kay,

Thank you so much for the information. I am excited to hear they'll be back in St Louis. It's not showing on the Pageant's website yet, but I called them and they said that the site gets updated on Tuesdays around 5-5:30. I'll be watching for sure. I hope they get to your area again too. They are such a pleasure to listen to and so entertaining and I love how down to earth they are and they're kindness to their fans and audiences.

Thanks again,

muttitjc's picture

Hi Kay,

I was online reading discussion boards and saw where you said you purchased tickets to see them in October. I have been seeing a few peope mention on facebook about seeing them later in the year, but can't find any information on an upcoming tour or where to find out where they'll be performing. Can you give me some info on where to look? I'm like the rest of you ladies that feels a bit like a mom checking in to see how the guys are doing. I saw them in concert for the first time in St Louis a couple of weeks ago and I'd love to see them again.

Thanks so much,