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Single mom to a wonderful 8 year old boy who loves SNC as much as I do.
United States
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July, 2017
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  • October 29, 2012

    So.... I know presale tickets for "Fan Club members" go on sale tomorrow for the AC shows. This is the "Fan Club" right??? LOL Just making sure. I am really trying to get to this show. Do I need to have a password or anything?

  • February 13, 2012

    Ok.... so I am trying decide if I am going to splurge with my income tax money and buy tickets for myself and my son for this show or not... I think it is going to be a no brainer as I am in SNC withdraw.... LOL. Not to mention, I am so excited about how many fellow Chasers are going to be there.

  • October 02, 2011

    Was watching some of the videos of the group on YouTube (for about the 1000th time... lol) and some things caught my attention.

    1)  Walter is so "chill" in the videos.  All the other guys are dancing and boppin and stuff and he is just relaxed and singing.  It is kinda funny. 

    2)  I love, I mean

  • March 15, 2012

    Baltimore, MD November 2011

  • September 04, 2011
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