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About Me: 
Ryan Ahlwardt (pronounced "all-wert") served as a member & music director of SNC at IU from 1999 to 2003. He has performed internationally as a singer/songwriter & guitarist, released three independent albums on iTunes, and shared the stage with such artists as The Beach Boys, Martin Sexton, and Gabe Dixon to name a few. Ryan currently resides outside of Indianapolis with his wife (also an Indiana University grad & alumna of Ladies First, IU's women's a cappella group) and their cat Rusty, who doesn't smell as much as he used to but still sheds like crazy. Voice Part: Tenor 1
Songwriting, playing guitar, cooking, reading, journaling, camping, playing Dr. Mario on old-school Nintendo, yard work, yoga, driving, making Rusty chase around a laser light
United States
Twitter Name: 
@ryansongs @ifromukraine
Birth Name: 
Ryan Louis Ahlwardt
August 11, 1981
Birth Sign: 
6’ 2”
Currently Living In: 
It's either a hotel room, tour bus, or (the best by far) my own home.
Fishers, IN
Relationship Status: 
Happily married
Random impersonations, useless trivia, SNC chaplain
Favorite SNC College Memory: 
The curtain call of my senior year Spring Concert in the IU Auditorium, opening for The Temptations, singing the National Anthem at the Brickyard 400, and, of course, meeting my wife (aww).
Musical Influences: 
James Taylor, John Mayer, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Beach Boys, Four Freshmen, Chet Baker, Nickel Creek, CSNY, Martin Sexton, America, Jason Mraz, Little River Band
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
Anything off mic! The Movie Medley and Fix You are always fun to sing, too.
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Tie between British Columbia, Canada and Copenhagen, Denmark. On any SNC tour, though, it's a tie between between Napa, CA and Oregon. Boston's great, too!
Favorite Things in General: 
God, being with my wife, catching up with my family, listening to music, learning about music, talking about music, basset hounds, grilling, road trips, beef jerky, clean laundry, sleep, traveling...
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
National Geographic
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
1. My wife's stir fry 2. My Dad's barbecue chicken 3. My mother-in-law's chicken salad 4. My Nana's chocolate chip cookies 5. Dagwood's Supreme sandwich in B-town (+ sprouts and green peppers)
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
1. The Bible 2. This is Your Brain on Music (Levitin) 3. Through Painted Deserts (Miller) 4. On the Road (Kerouac) 5. Long Ago and Far Away (James Taylor’s biography by Timothy White) 6. The Shack (Paul Young) 7. The Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles (Dominic Pedler) 8. Love Does (Bob Goff)
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
1. Dead Poet’s Society 2. Best in Show 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Back to the Future 5. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 6. Good Will Hunting
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
1. James Taylor 2. The Beach Boys 3. The Beatles 4. Sam Cooke 5. John Mayer
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
How about Top 15? 1. God Only Knows (Beach Boys) 2. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (Four Freshmen) 3. Reminiscing (Little River Band) 4. Copperline (James Taylor) 5. Tracing (John Mayer) 6. Nip Sip (The Clovers) 7. Fix You (Coldplay) 8. Doubting Thomas (Nickel Creek) 9. I Can't Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt) 10. But Not For Me (Chet Baker) 11. Wildflowers (Tom Petty) 12. End of the Innocence (Don Henley) 13. Wouldn't It Be Nice (Beach Boys) 14. For No One (Beatles) 15. Three Roses (America)


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Ryan, I'm so glad that I got the privilege to meet you. You will be missed, but please enjoy your new advanture. God Bless my Friend. Megan B. Wichita, KS

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Thank you for being You...
You will be missed. We all love you. Thanks for the fun times and great sillyness that is so you when your entertaining. Your heat is large and we all understand your love of God. I hope you have a Blessed Holiday. May the new year be fantastic...

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Thank you for all of the greatness you have brought to SNC these past several years. You are phenomenal. Thanks for always talking the music and art seriously, but rarely taking yourself so seriously -- for me, a sign of great professionalism and personhood. We will miss you in SNC concerts, but wish you all the best in the future! Thank you for your work and calling, not only for music but also for young people.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2013.

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You guys are amazing! And I saw your Christmas photo of you and your wife on Pinterest!!!

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Thank-you for the phenomenal concert on Sunday; I am still smiling. I really wanted to thank-you for signing my Biomechanics textbook- I honestly don’t have the words to tell you what that means: this is a class that over half the class has to retake and last year this class physically and mentally drained the life out me, no exaggeration. Your music has kept a smile on face since a slacker friend of mine sent me the 12 Days of Christmas you tube video Dec 2007, good thing I was basically finished studying. Back to the present, since now Biomechanics and a few other classes and apparently a mountain of graduation application paperwork are all that stand in my way from graduation. The signatures just make me smile when I go to open the biomechanics book, instead of dread. P.S. The diagrams you circled in book and wrote “don’t forget” underneath are actually important, so thank-you for shaving a few seconds off my study time;)

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Hey Ryan,

So SNC is coming to my college on October 29th. I have discovered that you and Jerome were Theta Chi's at IU. There is a chapter here and a bunch of my close guy friends are in the fraternity. Is there any way you could give a shout out to the brothers during the concert?

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Happy birthday, Ryan! Hope you can find some time to do your own thing today!

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I was wondering anyway we could get you guys to come to Grand Forks, ND?!?!

Chris_23's picture

I was at the concert last week and had a great time...especially watching you guys dance! You are not only extremely talented singers but great entertainers as well!
I was just wondering if you had ever tried the Billy Joel song The River of Dreams? It would be great for SNC I think! Let me know when it hits a CD!!
All the best, Chris

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Ryan, you are SO kind for mentioning Cindy, Marna, and me on your SNCFanChat interview. :) As you said, you (and the rest of the guys) really don't know how much we appreciate you. Our lives have been changed because of the friendships we've made and it's all because of the work you do. THANK YOU for everything you do for us. :) God bless you and yours! :)

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Hi Ryan
I came from Paris to see you guys in London last saturday and I truly loved it. This was a great night. Union Chapel is so beautiful, it was the perfect place for such a performance. When will I get the chance to see a SNC show in Paris? Come on! You'd love it !

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Wow!! Just watched the show in Bournemouth - blew me away - absolutely amazing. Will be on the look out for the next UK tour!

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Hey Ryan! I saw you guys in Raleigh in December and you guys were so amazing! Absolutely phenomenal! Your voices are flawless and you all had me laughing so hard. Thanks so much for being so sweet during the meet and greet. I only wish I had not been so tongue-tied so I could have talked to you all more! Also, I'm not on twitter, but I enjoy reading y'all's tweets. Thanks for posting that verse from James. I totally needed to hear that :) I appreciate all you guys do and you are all such a blessing to me! It would mean the world to me if you came back to Raleigh in the summer. Take care!

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Dang you took my trademarks of random impersonations and useless trivia! I'm mad now...especially since I can't do anything about just makes it worse that even if I knew you, I couldn't do anything about it, since you are YEARS older than me...I think it's seventeen...grr...*face showing extreme anger*...well, it's good you're a Christian...but you're pretty awesome except that you stole my trademarks...and some oF my hobbies...

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Rock it around the Christmas tree, Ryan! Or just kick back and enjoy being home!

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Ryan - just watched the PBS special AGAIN! We love to hear all of you singing. And I take a little extra satisfaction that you were my husband's student!

It's great to see all your success. Happy Holidays!!

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Uhh--is this you, Lauren and Rusty at around the two minute mark in Ellen Degeneres' new segment on Holiday photos?

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Hope you guys are able to watch the IU game against Kentucky----with 6minutes to go, IU is leading by 7 points!

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Not necessarily going to the SNC cruise, but think about singing Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (The Piña Colada Song), Will Smith’s “’Miami,” Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life,” and/or The Script’s “For the First Time”.

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Heya Ryan. Great concert, as always!

Good news is we made phone calls and did manage to get two playbills from Portland's concert last night (the ones I was complaining that we couldn't get). So we'll have to bring by your next concert to get them signed.

You guys going to continue to sign after the concerts? It's got be getting difficult with all the people wanting to meet you!

Do you guys ever do backstage passes or anything? What would it take to get something like that?

Rebecca - the girl from the German restaurant rockin' the blue shirt in Portland OR

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Fabulous show in Portland tonight! What a joy to experience your amazing talent and then be able to meet you!! Thank you!!!!

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I'll be anxiously awaiting a photo of you rocking out your new scarf! I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for the fantastic show in Evansville! Safe travels and an early Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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I wanted to know why your April 2012 show in Minnesota is not on your tour dates? I just happeded to come across this info looking to see when you guys are on PBS. I would have been pretty bummed if I would have missed the start of the ticket sales. I have been to IA and WI to see you guys it will be nice to see you at home.
Can't wait !!!!

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Just got home from 3PM show at Chicago Theater. AMAZING!!!!! Second row!!!! Second year we have gone.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the awesome concert last night in Indy, and for making it such a great Christmas gift for my youngest daughter (age 8). A SNC concert was the only thing she asked for, and she was so excited to be there! The unplugged O Holy Night was particularly amazing! Take care of yourselves.

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You're amazing. Your voice is so calming and smooth and so easy to listen to and enjoy. Plus, I love how "Elvisy" you are haha. You're the best and I love listening to you in SNC and your solo stuff as well!

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see SNC is coming to my city of Jacksonville, Florida on December 21st! I would give ANYTHING to be able to go! I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a single mother with one in college and one in high school! I work two jobs and still struggle! I just found out I have a tumor on my brain the size of a quarter. It has not been a fun year! SNC is my ultimate favorite! I love all of your songs! If you know of anyway I could get 2 tickets to the concert, please let me know. My ultimate wish is to be there and get a picture with all of you! Love yall!!! Susan..

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Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan!! It was so great to see you in the parade!! Absolutely fantastic!!

GerryG's picture

Hi Ryan. Just read the tweet regarding the woman in audience who got emotional during O Holy Night.

I can see that happening to me. My daughters are preparing themselves!! I get emotional listening to the CD's!! My two adult daughters & I will be at the Chicago Theater on 12/3/11 for the matinee. We were there last year also. This has become our annual Mom & Daughters Day. We go to lunch, to Macy's to see the Tree & then to the show. I consider myself a "secret admirer" Chaser. I check the site daily and enjoy reading all of the tweets. I do not tweet or twitter (although I certainly have been a twit on occasion) nor do I have a facebook account. Too shy to go to M&G, so let me take the opportunity now to say "thank you".

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Hi Ryan! I wanted to thank you for being such a nice guy. Awhile ago, I posted on Twitter to pray for my grandfather who is terminally ill. I wanted to thank you for praying for him. I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. He is still with us (the doctors are astounded he has lived this long) but he is still ill. Please continue to pray for him if you would.

Also I wanted to say that you are one of my inspirations and have helped to inspire me in many ways. Thank you so much for your humbleness and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

I hope your wife is doing well. I know it must be hard on her. You both are in my prayers. Thanks again!!

Rene A's picture

Nice job in CT last night!! Awesome to speak to you again...hope you don't mind me needling you re the blogs...I just enjoy them so much!!! The Elvis material was rock, Ryan! Come back soon! And good luck in NY at the parade...good for you!!!


Yvonne's picture

Saw you tonight at Mohegan and you guys were great. Come back soon so I can get another SNC fix, ok? #JustSayin'.

amychrisgarner's picture

I wish I had words to describe the way your music touches me! You guys are all sensational, and hearing your music always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for all you do!!!

Rene A's picture

BLOG,BLOG,BLOG BLOG,'re coming to Connecticut...did you not think I would say something? Dude, it's time for another trip off the backporch.....(PS- can't wait to see ya next Sunday!)


Diddeke Muis's picture

A while ago i discover the band on youtube, and you are all to hear you and see the fun in your eyesin the song the christmas can can..

Hope that one day there will be concerts in the Netherlands..

MAC_3's picture

Your voice is amazing!! You sound great all the time, but tonight in Des Moines your solos were terrific. We enjoyed listening to you from the 4th row in the Civic Center; you guys have such great interaction with your audience. We're already counting down to the next time we see SNC live; that will be in April 2012 in Sioux City.

Rachel's picture

Hey Ryan, Thanks for the response...that's really awesome! I hope your tour is still going full force and that you guys are having lots of fun. Come back to TX ASAP!

Ryan_5's picture

Thanks for the posts, everyone! I'm glad you've enjoyed the shows and appreciate the kind words. Hope to see you again soon!

MRS. O'C 5's picture

All the SNC guys have great voices but you have both the voice and an amazing ear! You harmonize so effortlessly- your voice makes everyone elses even better. It's a joy to listen to you as a soloist but it's unbelievable to hear what you do when others may have the lead. So talented!!!

Can't wait for the show in Maine........

MAC_3's picture

Excellent show in Kansas City this afternoon, Ryan! This was the third time my husband and I saw SNC perform live; we agreed it was well worth the three hour drive to see the 2:00 show. Thanks for the "meet-and-greet" afterwards. As we waited in line to have you sign our CD, the theater employees commented on your generosity; they say it's very rare to have artists meet with the fans afterward. We appreciate all the extra time SNC makes for visiting with their fans. See you in Des Moines on Tuesday!

Cringer1315's picture

Hey Ryan, I love the performance you guys did of Like A Prayer. It encouraged me to start singing and so far I have got good reviews from a few people. Will this track be available on any of your upcoming CD releases? Thanks.

DottieK's picture

I hope you are feeling better, Ryan! Thinking of you tonight in the high altitude with possible congestion.

Can't wait to see you guys in a little over a week! :D

novaracr14's picture

I'll see you soon here in Wichita, then 2 days later in KC. Never know when the opportunity will come again. I hope to get you a copy of some songs I think you guys would do very well with by Lamberts, Hendricks and Ross, "Sing a Song of Basie" my first & favorite album when I was very little. Making instrumental music into vocals, great stuff.

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Tulsa concert. Thanks so much for another awesome concert! This was my second, I saw you guys in OKC last year. I may have been the only one but I sang along to Haven't Met You Yet. =) When you guys started singing ABC I let out a big WOOO...I was the only one in the theatre. LOL My brother just looked at me like I was crazy. Thanks again for guys are really great. Promise to finish drawing the poster soon!!! I'll get a pic up on here when I do. Come back to Oklahoma! I'll draw something else next time. =) God Bless! - Mallory, AKA Girl with the Poster
P.S. I really do like your original songs. You should def keep writing.

Rachel's picture

You've performed with the Beach Boys?? pretty sweet;) Thanks for last night.....I had a great time!

emilyerin85's picture

Awesome show tonight! You guys are amazing! We brought 5 new people with us tonight, and you guys have 5 new fans!!
Oh... and I am so impressed you knew who I was... and pretty much remembered my name!! Maybe knowing my middle name gets you even more points. :) lol!

Lauren Ahlwardt_2's picture

Happy Anniversary Baby. 4 years of marriage!

DottieK's picture

THANK YOU, RYAN! Loved your "15 minute window" with us tonight! You are so appreciated!
Be blessed, my friend. Looking forward very much to seeing you guys multiple times this fall! :)

Victoria_G's picture

Hi Ryan:

Just stopping by. Hope this note finds you, Lauren and Rusty well. Your parents too! Have a great weekend and can you believe it's October???

Jennifer_11's picture

Hi Ryan,
I'm hoping you can help me. my husband & I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary when we come to the show Nov. 5th in Windsor, Ontario. This will be our 3rd SNC show and we already have front row tickets for the 4/20/12 show in Saginaw, MI! Could you guys dedicate a song to my husband for me?