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Sonia H
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I am a primary school teacher by profession, although my real full time job is being Mummy to my 3 (updated September 1st 2015 ;-) ) beautiful girls. I found SNC through YouTube, when my girls wanted to know the lyrics to the 12 Days Of Christmas, and after searching, up popped SNC's original version. I then spent the next 4 hours watching as many SNC videos as I could, amazed by the talent of these 10 charismatic and charming young men. I am still amazed by their talent to this day.
Family and friends; wine (white); dancing in the kitchen; singing anything at anytime, anywhere; Formula 1 motor racing (I have 3 brothers, so race Sundays have always been the norm for me); researching my family tree (not as boring or as geeky as it sounds); laughing at funny stuff.
United Kingdom
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