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on 23 October 2009 - 7:03pm


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G.Climie's picture

I have been listening to my recording of this from your concert in calgary for ages! i feel kind of silly that it took my this long to find a CD version. it doesn't work so well that i bought all of your CDs from the store.

Kayla2014's picture

I LOVE this song! Is there any possiblility in getting sheet music for it? I would love to sing it in one of our concerts.

jack's picture

don't know how many people are like me but i'm finding myself listening almost every night. is there a group for this LOL

jack's picture

i'm really looking forward to seeing you guys in person hopefully soon. love everything i've heard.

jack's picture

i've downloaded 2 cd"s of your music and love listening to it while we're traveling to where ever i'ts perfect listening. keep up the good music guys

jack's picture

you guys should get with local radio and have them play your music. there would be a lot of happy people listening.

Jose C's picture

I saw you guys on KCET and got hooked. Why don't I hear any of your music on my local stations? That would be awesome. I sent an e-mail and posted your website on 94.7 the Wave. You guys rock. This is the song that made me stop changing the channels so I can find out where to buy the CD. Keep it up...make more videos.

TLL1966's picture

Wonderful! I loved the bits of this song at the end of "12 Days of Christmas," but the whole single is just gorgeous.

And you're coming to Salt Lake City!! (does happy dance) I'm going to try my very best to get tickets.

Lynnette Holle's picture

Does Mike Itkoff sing lead on this?

Lynne C. Robinson's picture

One of their best, no doubt!