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buses in Missoula, Montana


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Thanks, Brittain!

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Dottie- the "M" stands for the University of Montana. The university just happens to be in Missoula.

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That's what I was thinking, Laura. Wondering if they had to get out & eyeball it.

Does the "M" on the mountain stand for Missoula? Reminds me of the University of Michigan's emblem. :)

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Great shot, Randy!

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Nice shot, Randy! It looks like the buses will barely fit under the bridge. :)

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Love this shot. The show was absolutely incredible tonight. SNC is true talent through and through.

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Wow, wow and more wow. I have seen many shows, acts and concerts over the years in NYC, Philly, St. Louis, Chicago and you guys are the best! Pure, solid entertainment, loved by young and used-to-be-young. I had one of the best times of my life in Missoula, Montana tonight. You rock!! (and roll, and swing and dance and on and on...) So much talent, each one of you! Thank you. Puleez come back -- "Shane?" Please, please?

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Wow!! What a picture. Randy, you always take the the most interesting shots. Thanks for sharing.

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