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Finally, something to help out Don!


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ChaserJulie's picture

LOL! Too funny!

Alexsandra's picture

Your enthusiasm is truly awe inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And btw....that is my fav brand of tea....good choice!

Shaina's picture

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm with you, Bethany!! I just giggled so hard!!!

Bmb3134's picture

Ok. Just laughed out loud. Literally. Too funny.

MaryDSinTX's picture


DottieK's picture

Don looks *really* excited about this!

SingForMe's picture

Uh-oh...I thought that was for upset stomachs? If that is the case, I really hope it helps you Don!

Jillian's picture

Oh. My. God.

Best picture EVER!


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