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Go Wings!!!!!!


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kpofkzoo's picture

Watch for flying Octopi.

Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

LIKE (Is this a photographic 'Beep'?)

DottieK's picture

You look great in that jersey, Seggie! So the Wings won last night? I couldn't tell from your tweet... ;)

Our K-Wings won last night too and now they are on their way to the Kelly Cup play-offs! Love to see them bring that home to Kalamazoo! Wish them luck!

Gwen's picture

completely jealous! we're gonna bring the hurt in game 7 - cup is OURS this year!!!

Terry_4's picture

Great picture Seggie. Great time had by all?

MaryDSinTX's picture

Seggie, you look truly happy! Love the outfit.

Shaina's picture

I almost didn't catch the red Solo cup, since it blended in so well with the background... =P~~~~~
#badinfluence #hopeyouhadfunanyways

laura_9's picture

holy smokes!

ToriCanuck's picture

LMAO @Julie
Go Wings!! :)

ChaserJulie's picture

Seggs in his natural habitat.


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