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I could sit here all day...


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Harrah's Angel's picture

very romantic.....

Charlie's picture

Did you go from Vancouver to Victoria or Washington state to Victoris?

kayzie's picture

It was a truly beautiful (even tho cold) day to ride the ferry, wasn't it. Glad you could experience it. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

SingForMe's picture :)

S. Brandon's picture

There's something about looking out over water....

Sarah Liz's picture

even though it's quite cold and windy, I could too... I love sitting out on the ferry.

Shaina's picture

It's so pretty!

laura_9's picture

we could sit there all day with you. Pretty gorgeous...the water, i mean.


Terry_4's picture

Well said Kristin - absolutely beautiful shot! Thanks!

luvSNCVA's picture

Loving these pictures! I would love to be sitting there!


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