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Mike Luginbill & Mom


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Nesa's picture

You're mom is so beautiful!

Maria Fulton's picture

There is no way that's your mom!! She looks like she could be your sister!!!! Wow!!

Lynn Powers's picture

Mike, you probably don't remember me, but I babysat for you and Anne when you were little. So proud of all you have accomplished. Your mom looks exactly like she did all those years ago! Best of luck to you and SNC!

Lori_3's picture

She is beautiful!!

Bowler Bob's picture


MaryDSinTX's picture

Mike, your Mother is so beautiful. We all see where you got your good looks. You always have that charming, slightly disheveled look, and Mom's off-the-shoulder look goes right with that. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Very nice! I bet she is very proud of you.

Melissa Knepp's picture

I love Mike.. What else can I say. He is so adorable, and the two of you look so much alike. Mother and son; like me and my mom. You both are beautiful! Must be the smile and baby face that makes you look so young and appealing:) It was Mikes voice that got me with SNC, not even knowing it until I saw them for the for the first time at Eisenhower November 12 ! I didn't know one thing about the group, but I loved certain songs. I was going through a difficult time and one of my friends made me a CD of SNC. I listened and instantly fell in love with the songs and certain voices, not knowing the people and that Mike was the voice and lead of those songs that I love the most, paticularly I'm Yours and Fix Me. I'm hooked, eventhough I'm not a school girl any more. And I don't want to sound desparate or crazy, which I'm not. Its just that I feel so drawn to Mike, eventhough I don't know him at all and and I'm sure that Mike is not single like me at this point. It was his voice in the songs that got my attention, then when I saw him in person at Eisenhower Auditorium, Friday, Nov. 12, I fell in love:)

marcia_2's picture

WOW! Both are real winners

Donna49ER's picture

She is beautiful Mike!! You look a lot alike!

MsKris's picture

I can certainly see where you get your good looks!


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