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Mike Luginbill & Mom


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LindseyPotter's picture

Mike, your mom is absolutely beautiful!

Cat_Yosh's picture

I have to agree! Wow, what a cool, young mom! :)

Haley_4's picture cute....and i agree about the whole "she looks like his sister thingy" haha

Courtney Fife McNett's picture

Such a great looking guy would clearly have a BEAUTIFUL momma! She definitely looks like Mike's sister and not his mom! :) I think this pic was taken at IU??? There were lots of SNC family members there that I recognized!!!

Diva_Donna's picture

That's one gorgeous pair!

SheriS's picture

Lovely lady who doesn't look old enough to have a son your age--looks more like your sister! Great picture of both of you!

Darcy_3's picture

Hi Pretty Mom of Mike. You raised a great human being. Great job!


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