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Mike's dog Yogi breaking hearts at a local watering hole in Palm Springs...


  • Mike's dog Yogi breaking hearts at a local watering hole in Palm Springs...
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Katie L.'s picture

ADORABLE!! looks like a collie mix? i have a border collie and adore her-she comes to work everyday with me (im an LVT at a small animal clinic) you should bring the dog in on the show! i bet it would love it! =)

Pam Kothenbeutel's picture

Saw you all last night in Santa Fe. Fantastic! Thank you so much for giving so much of yourselves to your fans....nice of you to take the time to meet, greet, and sign autographs. Hope to see you in person again sometime. In the meantime, I will continute to enjoy the taped PBS special and now I have a CD! Travel safe.

Meg Luginbill's picture

He IS the best (grand)dog EVER........from his Omi :) See you in May buddy!!! Get ready to run!!

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Shaina's picture

Aww! Such a cute doggie!!! :D

cindy_13's picture

Yogi might be breaking hearts but I bet his heart is sad because he's gonna be missing you when you start the tour.

Enjoy your remaining time off and give Yogi a few extra belly rubs over the next few days. Stay safe and healthy and God bless.


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