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The Sage at Gateshead exterior (glass building)


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Denise Brown's picture

Enjoyed the concert immensely so glad you came to the Sage hope you come back soon

SarahECress's picture

I agree with Tic Tac Lady about this picture looking like a postcard. Should have the caption..."Wish You Were Here!" Very cool! =)

Tic Tac Lady's picture

Looks like a postcard! Very nice!!
That building looks like an architectural marvel!

Have a safe and fun time, SNC!!

DottieK's picture

Oh, wow! Very cool building!

Gabriella's picture

This photo makes me smile:) why? because it means a few lucky someones will be enjoying a concert tonight; while i am stuck writing a miserable lab report with my less than help lab partner- who forgets or doesn't care that my life actually doesn't revolve around her schedule. (Enjoy the concert for me:) )

Nesa's picture

Nice shot, Randy! That's so cool!

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