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SNC Hikes Arthur's Seat


  • SNC Hikes Arthur's Seat
    Seggie, DR, Walt, Charlie, and I hiked Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland and took this picture from the summit. Enjoy the view!
    Posted by: Ryan
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Maria Fulton's picture

I soooo need to get my passport! Looks like a blast. Thanks, Ryan!

KristinC's picture

Who was the photographer, I wonder?

DottieK's picture

Amazing view.

Also, look how far you can see! ;-)

SingForMe's picture

Ooooo...lovely! :)

MaryDSinTX's picture

This is what makes hiking so fun - seeing things nobody else normally gets to see. What a view! I do the same on horseback. So happy you all had this opportunity. Your photos and tweets have given us a special little view into the UK. Thank you for bringing your Chasers with you on your tour!!

Nesa's picture

Very cool, guys! that's an awesome view! I'm glad you had some days off so you could sight see :)

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