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Thank you, Isabel of Victoria. Likewise.


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ToriCanuck's picture

That's so cool! I should do that tomorrow! But the rain would most likely have washed off the dust already.

EileenR's picture

Are you back to 2 buses this tour? Is the other bus jealous?

I should have had my kids draw on the buses in Hershey in November. Next time...

Maria Fulton's picture

Awesome!! I saw the buses afar off at the Beacon, but I didn't have time to grab a picture. (At least I think they were the buses. I might've been dreaming...)

Nesa's picture

This is so awesome! @Brittain - I'd love a picture with the bus too!

Brittain's picture

Oh the Straight No Chaser bus! I am going to get my picture with this bus one day! Karen will too!

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