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Tonight's venue - Chautauqua, NY


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Maria Fulton's picture

{sigh} Ya'll will be back here in August and I won't be in NY... :( Why can't our schedules just coincide?!?! ;) (I'll survive. lol)

Angus's picture

Just got back to Ottawa from my weekend vacation that included the concert in Chautauqua. I was amazed by the venue, and managed to get dead-centre seats, two rows behind the reserved seats. (I think that I had counted that the first 20 rows were reserved.) The seating was all general admission (first-come, first-choice) with two sections, reserved or not.

The person sitting next to me had seen a concert from the seats behind the stage before, and had said that those were part of the not-reserved seating area. She didn't like the sound back there in her previous show though.

Anyway, the concert was as amazing as ever, and there was quite the line for the signings afterwards. It was good to see and chat with the guys again. It was a great start to a vacation weekend.

If I don't see another picture of the venue where you can see the seating behind the stage, I'll try to post one.

Thanks for the great show guys, and looking forward to seeing you again! (And again, and again...)

JAC's picture

Was there in the SRO crowd for a FANTASTIC concert! Best show I have seen in 40 yrs!

maiseymary's picture

The show was wonderful. SNC never disappoints! The place is open air, but there wasn't much air stirring last night. I don't know how the guys managed in those suits. But, they did a beautiful job. Not only did they sing and dance up a storm for several hours, they signed stuff for goodness knows how long after the show. No wonder we love them!

DottieK's picture

Thanks for the comments about the show last night, Chasers! Thanks, Christina, for more detail about this very cool looking venue!

Beckie's picture

Saw SNC last night at the Chautauqua Ampitheater. The place was super, super packed. Everyone so enjoyed the concert. I can't believe they sang for nearly 2 1/2 hours without a break!!!! Awesome!!!!!!

Christina S.'s picture

Awesome show and very neat venue. Behind where this was taken were MASSIVE pipes for a pipe organ. There were about 10 rows up there behind the stage that were also packed. To be honest, when I saw the size of the place, I was worried that it might look less than impressive if the show didn't sell out but it did and it was a pleasant surprise! People really got into it too, there wasn't a frowning face in the place.

ngj3's picture

Imagine what this place looks like packed.... so very cool for the guys!

ChaserJulie's picture

Theater in the round?

JC's picture

Great Show tonite fellas! Thanks for coming to WNY!


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