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UK tour bus


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Me and my friend Sarah got to have a sneaky look at the downstairs of the tour bus at the Fareham concert. They had a round table downstairs with a drinks station but it looked really cramped for them all to be in. I don't envy them having to put up with that. I just hope that we made the discomfort worth it at the concerts.

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Nesa's picture

How incredibly yellow that bus is .... ;)

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I absolutely LOVE how you are stopped on what we call a "double yellow line" over here...

UK Highway Code nos 238: "Double yellow lines indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time. You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers."


Thanks again for a fantastic tour - people are still taking about it :)

Michelle Z.'s picture

Nice. Love the reflections of you all and the buildings in the windows. Bet/Hope you all had a fantastic time...I can only imagine the shenanigans!! :)

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Thank you for posting this!

Sing it with me, now:
? ? We all tour in a big, yellow bus,
Big, yellow bus,
Big, yellow bus ? ?

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Looks nice and new and fancy! And, yes, very yellow.

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Love this! Yellow submarine indeed!

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Nice. :)

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I bet it was nice to have so many windows.


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