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The Christmas Can-Can (Animated Version)

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on 11 December 2009 - 12:40pm
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The Christmas Can-Can (Animated Version)

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I love the animated version, but I love watching the live version too! Everyone is so expressive and entertaining..thanks.

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That's hilarious! I loved it!

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this video is totally amazing i'm an indiana girl, and i absolutley love you !

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Love it! As usual your creativity and talent shine (as well as the proper amount of sarcasm to make me laugh....which I needed to do!)

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This is funny!! Love it!!

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Saw them on the Today show! Fell in love. These guys are FANTASTIC!! Happy Holidays to all!

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I happened to be flipping through tv channels this morning and caught the end of 12 Days on the Today Show. I immediately found the website and the Can-Can video. My 2 year old wants to watch it over and over (we've played it at least 10 times already!) and he sings "la la la" along with you guys. I guess you can say we were instantly hooked. You are awesome!

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"Spike the eggnog"!!! Sounds like my family! I saw you guys in Indianapolis for the Jingle Jam in 2008. That performance was awesome! I loved it! I've been hooked on you all and your songs since I saw your version of The 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube about 2 years ago!

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heard this same song twenty times...and it's only love it! Happy Holidays, everyone!


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