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Fix You - Dallas 5-6-10

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on 13 May 2010 - 11:16am
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Straight No Chaser, Michael Luginbill & Jerome Collins soloists singing Coldplay's Fix You at SMU's McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, TX 5-6-10

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Rhonda Gooding's picture

This is by far the best song that you guys do!!

Kait's picture

This song made me cry the first time I heard it one the cd! It is so heartfelt and even when you can't see them performing it, you can just picture the emotion. It also made me cry at the show they did in providence. Just saying. :)

Shelgiff's picture

Oh Michael!! I just LOVE every song you sing solo on! Amazing! I can't wait til next week to hear all these songs live!!!!!

Lynnette Holle's picture

This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. Absolutely stunning!!

Jessica_15's picture

You guys are absolutely amazing. I am going to your concert on Saturday at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center and I am so exited! I REALLY hope you sing this song or I will probably cry...then again if you DO sing it I will probably cry cause it's so beautiful. But please...sing it. :) Love you guys!

predsgirl's picture

Nashville 9-22-10 - THE BEST rendition of Fix You I've heard yet. You guys nailed it last night! Brought tears to my eyes. It was truly amazing! And an amazing always!

LLH's picture

A Message to Walt - Listening to this song tonight over and over and just wanted to say THANK YOU for this incredible arrangement. Just like Kterer says below, my eyes tear up everytime I hear this.
Thanks Webcrew for posting!

Diva_Donna's picture

I didn't really take this song in until the cd came out. When I 1st got it, amazingly way early before the release, when I ordered my PBS tickets, I skipped over the slow songs, wasn't in the mood I guess, & was a little disappointed on the selection, but when I finally got to the point where I was ready to listen, I discovered this one, & can remember the first time I really listened to it in the car & how unbelievably beautiful it is! I now love the cd, but still have trouble listening to In the Living Years. It so reminds me of my dad & the difficult relationship we always had. That's what happens when you're the apple, & not only did you not fall far from the tree, you were still attached! Meaning, we were a lot alike!
I've been sort of stuck in a time warp, so some of the 80s-2000s songs the boys are singing, Fix You, Wonderwall, I'm Yours, The Guy Who Can't be Moved, I'd never heard before, so they are my first intro to them, & I love them! Others, like the Zombies old song that was an extra download I think when we pre ordered, I never really liked until SNC did it, now I love it! I think that's the one where Rome does that head bob thing on the PBS concert where he's in front of Ryan, & Ryan's trying to keep a straight face!
I wish they'd left the audience response at the end in this video. I really like the live recordings on their cds/dvds better then studio because they respond to the energy of the audience & the audience response is half the fun!

Kterer's picture

I cry every time I hear this. It's so perfectly done.

Susan7103's picture

amazingly beautiful beyond words