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SNC - Billie Jean/Poison - Bloomington 4/12/10


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on 7 May 2010 - 11:08am
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Straight No Chaser Live at IU Bloomington 4/12/10
SNC's mix of MJ's Billie Jean and New Edition's (Bell Biv DeVoe) Poison
The video looks a little rough in the beginning because the video wouldn't adjust right with the smoke and lighting.... it eventually clears up, and there are some killer moves!!! :) Makes me smile every time I watch!
Soloists: Michael Luginbill and Jerome Collins

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ChaserJulie's picture

Another permasmile moment!!! Now THAT's Entertainment!!! Thanks for posting!

Lauren_6's picture

Every time I watch this I can't help but get a HUGE grin on my face! I love how the two songs just fit together perfectly...and the choreography just makes me happy!!! Thank you so much for posting this Courtney!!

Debbie_14's picture

They also did this in Tulsa and it was great!

Courtney Fife McNett's picture

Donna - I know!!! Poison is great and they sound so GREAT singing it!!! It was most definitely one of the best performances of the night! Yes I HATED the smoke.... it was really hard (as I'm sure you could tell) for my camera to adjust in the beginning, but for the most part it clears up! I also like how they switch places too! LOVE LOVE LOVE their choreography for this number too!!!!

Diva Donna's picture

I love when Mike & Rome change places in line when they switch singers.

Diva Donna's picture

I really hate that smoke. We had it at the Chicago Theatre too, & I've not seen anything posted that doesn't have it!

Diva Donna's picture

Poison is one of my favorite songs, & this is absolutely one of my favorite songs of the concert. I love it!!!!