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Stayin' Alive/Superstition

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on 10 August 2010 - 1:14pm
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Straight No Chaser at Harrah's in Atlantic City 7/29/2010.

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LizH's picture

Saw you on the Heart Skate - great sound and entertaining. Loved it!

Haley's picture

Wow! I just discovered you guys out in California. Fantastic. Can't wait for you to make it out here.

Kait's picture

I just can't get over how good of dancers they are! They make everything look good! So talented and SO good looking! Its not fair! Haha

hitzfan1998's picture

This is the most awesome combo! I don't know who has the ear for hearing that songs go together like this, but WOW what a talent that is! I love it! Keep 'em coming!

Diva_Donna's picture

I hadn't seen Rome do the little shooing thing when the guys started doing staying alive at the other end before!
Too funny!
They can't do anything badly!

nikki24's picture

I love the dance moves!

Jen loves SNC's picture

Ah Jerome- I could just watch you perform all day! You are a riot!

Mal22's picture

You guys are quite simply AWESOME!

EileenR's picture

Another unexpected but totally clever combination of songs from Straight No Chaser!

Christi_2's picture

YES!! So glad this is here! LOVE your rendition of Superstition! I loved the IU choreography, but this is great also!