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Straight No Chaser - Wonderwall (live from stage, October 13th, 2010)


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on 20 October 2010 - 3:40am
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Randy's view while performing Wonderwall live in Peoria, IL. The sound may seem slightly odd, because of the echo/reverb of the venue reflected back onto the stage; that's part of the reason we wear the in-ear monitors.


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P.S. Are these the *wanna-be* leather suits that Miss -"Yes, against my will I enjoyed the concert"- reporter mentioned on all of you (yes, you ARE DAVE!) COOL guys??

SheriS's picture

Ove this video--seeing the audience from the performer's view! Thanks Randy! This really great!

Tic Tac Lady's picture

WOW!! How gratifying it must be to see all those *bright* people appreciating your talents! GREAT CLIP!! Thanks Randy!

S. Brandon's picture

So cool - thank you, Randy!!

Lakink's picture

simply amazing.

Annie L's picture

I love that you shared this video with us! It's fun to see your point of view - this was a great showing of audience participation. Thanks again for sharing with us!

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love it, love it, love it!!!