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Summer of '69 - Vancouver, BC 3/15/2012


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on 16 March 2012 - 4:11am
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Ok, here's my first attempt at taking a video at the concert.
Sorry the beginning was cut off, was trying to figure out my iphone - couldn't tell if it was recording or not lol. The visual is pretty much crap, but the audio is not bad.

It was so awesome!! Mike was perfect for the lead!! It's 1000X awesomer live!! So so good!!
I really hope they'll change their minds and do this for the US tour.

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Thanks for posting this! I love hearing new tunes by SNC, they are such great arrangements by wonderful musicians! Can't wait to see their spring show...only a few more weeks to wait!

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He he he!!! Love this Tori! I was sittin' right there next to you enjoying this great song! LOVED IT!!!

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Fantastic video! I just love that song!